If you’re considering moving to Canada, first off, good decision! In 2022, as many as 437,180 new immigrants were welcomed into the Great White North, and apparently, there are going to be around 505,000 more seeking permanent residence this year. So it’s clearly a coveted place to live.

But before you apply for a visa, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re going to do there.

The best thing to do in this regard is to look at all the in demand jobs in Canada and see which one suits you. Experienced or not, there are several ways to get through the application process including the federal skilled worker program, express entry programs, an existing job offer, and start this new exciting chapter in your life.

But you already know all of that! If you’re planning a move to Canada, you already know the importance of seeking in-demand jobs. What you do need is an interesting article on all the many jobs you didn’t know about!

Below are the jobs that aren’t in-demand skilled trades jobs or popular but the jobs you can only get if you are a certified Canadian. Who knows, you might even find yourself falling into one of these jobs when the move is done and you’ve successfully set up shop!

Let’s start with the craziest:

Maple Syrup Inspector

If you need more proof of Canada’s obsession with maple syrup, then just ask someone whose job is inspecting it. That’s right, Canada literally has syrup inspectors. Listen, if it’s going to be used in every breakfast up and down the country, it’s got to be fit for purpose!

Swedish Fish Maker

This is the most famous Canadian candy, and for a good reason: it is made with care and precision. It’s also pretty focused. There is one factory in Ontario that makes the world’s supply of this sweet, making sure it tastes just right!

Polar Bear Police

You’ve heard of policing humans. What you probably haven’t heard of is policing polar bears. In Churchill, Manitoba, there are actually job opportunities for those who want to police the town and protect people from the polar bears. This is because, every winter, the polar bears are known to make their way over the frozen Hudson Bay and become a common Churchill nuisance. Those rascals must be stopped!

Worm Picker

If you’d like to have a work experience with animals but don’t quite fancy coming up against a 900-pound polar bear, then why not try worm picking? This is an actual industry in Canada that provides live bait for all the fisheries. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

A globe with a pin in Canada
Canada offers express entry programs for employees and international students

Chick Sexer

Another one of those less than in demand jobs that somebody’s gotta do is check if chickens are male or female. You definitely do not need a college diploma or university degree to succeed. The less said about this one, the better.

Stanley Cup Holder

Fancy getting your hands on one of the most sought-after trophies in the world? Well, you can become a Stanley Cup holder, which involves going on tour with the trophy and ensuring it remains safe and in good condition. This one’s a little more unlikely, however. Nearly every Canadian would love this job, and it’s currently taken by a fellow called Philip Pritchard. Lucky devil.

Beer Ombudsman

Lastly, the position of beer ombudsman originated in Ontario, and it involves being Canada’s representative for their favourite beer. Think Duffman, only without the Duff.

Of course, there are many more high demand jobs – and more professional occupations that we mentioned earlier – that might get you into the country a little quicker.

But once you are a certified Canadian citizen, there’s nothing stopping you from looking into a few of these job offers and becoming more Canadian than most of the 38.25 million people living there!