This week my three-year-old son came down with a fever and cough and I had no choice but to self-isolate while I kept him off nursery. I’m self-employed, taking time off work is not an option. Client understanding only takes you so far when their businesses are in danger. Working from home with kids is not an unusual occurrence for me, it’s why I moved into freelance in the first place as I wanted to be in control of my time.

Then the news dropped that schools and nurseries are due to close indefinitely to help limit the spreading of coronavirus pandemic and this would become my daily life trying to write while a toddler climbs on my head. This week has been a great insight into how working from home with kids can be.

So three days into a paw-patrol marathon, the first two days were full of cuddles and work was very possible. We’ve now progressed into the “still snotty but energy levels returning” zone and in the last 5 minutes he has dropped a fire engine on his foot twice. So it seems we are now in a place of what normal life could be like.

I am lucky that as my son is not of school age, so homeschooling is not required, especially as it appears I don’t qualify for any Government grants as it stands. This at least allows me some time to help my clients through this difficult economic period.

So here are my tips to help to work from home with Children:

Children come first

When you are trying to concentrate, the last thing you need is a little person shaking your laptop screen. But their needs should come first. I tend to work on the easier little tasks in these times, when 5-minute concentration bursts can get through. I then prioritise the longer tasks for nap time, a film or after he has gone to bed. Either way, I always work around his needs. If he needs anything, I will always put him first. This can be extremely challenging during clients calls, but I find they are often understanding.

Children need stimulation and not be put in front of the TV, but it is near impossible not to rely on screen time to keep them entertained. But you’d be surprised what happens when you turn the television off. They will entertain themselves with toys and in other manners. Also, it is good for your own mental health to take breaks, so use these times wisely to interact with your kids. You need to finish (or at least pause) work in the afternoon to spend quality time with them.

If possible always try to go outside at least once a day. In good weather, there is no excuse, and fresh air does wonders for countering cabin fever and stress levels and to replace the exercise from the commute to work. Also, interacting with another human being is incredibly important, even if it’s just babbling.

Create a working environment

Get dressed, both of you. This is a mindset thing, as when you change back into nightwear hopefully you will mentally switch off and detach from work. The same goes for where you work in the home. If you have a dedicated space both you and your children can respect the boundaries it saves. Granted, it is not always possible if you live in a small environment, but working at the kitchen table is also important for posture and back support. You should also never work in bed so it’s always mentally associated with sleeping.

Balance your workload

My client base gets tremendous value from me as I constantly worry they could seek services elsewhere so work my socks off for them. But if you are doing unpaid work for clients while working from home, it’s even more apparent you are directly taking this time from your kids. So track your time for clients, and consider dropping the demanding ones whose time vs reward return is not viable. You may also want to contact your client base to see which ones are struggling and agree on a contract change to go into support mode only until things recover. It’s better than continuing working and risking unpaid invoices. If you are not freelance or self-employed, then speak to your manager if you are unable to complete your workload. The expectation is on your to complete it all.


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