Scooters are incredibly popular with children of all ages, especially toddlers. There are a lot of good reasons to get your child a scooter. Here are three reasons any parent should consider making the investment.

The Benefits Far Outweigh The Cost

How much would you pay to get your child exercising and having fun outdoors? Scooters provide incredible value for money if you are looking for a way to encourage your child to exercise.

There are many different types of scooters for kids out there, but a 3-wheel scooter stands out as the best way to start. These are very stable, making them easy and safe to ride for absolute beginners, and they are still fun to ride for children who have scooted around before.

This Maxi Micro 3-wheel scooter from Micro Scooters is the perfect starter scooter and comes in different colours to suit your child’s style. There are bundles available that include the 3-wheel scooter and safety accessories like helmets so your child has everything they need at even great value for money.

It Helps To Develop Their Motor Skills, Co-Ordination, And Spatial Awareness

Scooting may seem like a simple skill, but in young children, it can help them develop several important skills quickly. Things like hand-to-eye coordination, balancing, and hazard perception.

The list of skills involved in riding a scooter is long; with small, stable scooters and balance bikes available, toddlers can start developing these skills early. There may be some bumps and scrapes along the way, and you should prepare yourself and your child for them.

Making mistakes is how we learn to do things. Teach your children how to scoot safely, and always equip your child with a helmet, and pads for knees and elbows. Your child will need plenty of space to ride around, so clear an area of hazards and let them ride their scooter there to minimise the chances of a nasty knock.

3 wheel scooter kids

Scooters Teach Kids Responsibility

When you give a child a scooter you are not giving them a toy, it is a mode of transport. This can be very empowering for kids and give them their first taste of independence and a little freedom too. With this comes responsibilities that they have to themselves, other people, and you.

This can be an important part of your child’s social development. When they are riding around with you on the pavement or in a park, they have to take care of others around them and respect their space. They will have to behave themselves if they want to enjoy the privilege of owning a scooter.

Teaching children the rules of road safety, and how to scoot politely and carefully in public spaces helps them to develop social skills and understand the importance of respecting other people.

Scooters make great gifts for kids. They are a perfect birthday surprise gift for young children of all ages and will help them develop themselves in many different ways. Consider making a scooter your child’s next special gift.