Product Reviews

Do you have a product you would like Nanny McPhee to consider for review? Please ensure you read the product review guidelines before contacting us.

Nanny McPhee accepts products for a review, which will be tested in the UK and a write up for publication by our native UK writers. 

Please note, our integrity is important to us and our readers, so all product reviews will be honest and informative. We have advertising options if you want to promote your products where it is clear to our site visitors that is the case.

If you want to submit a product for review, please contact us at

Product Review mailing address

Please contact us for the shipping address for sending your products.

Product Reviews Guidelines

Before sending your product to be considered for review, please be aware of our general guidelines:

  • Physical products must be sent for an honest review, these will not be returned unless agreed in advance.
  • We cannot guarantee all products will be reviewed, but aim to do so within 30 days.
  • We will link to the product website but reserve the right to apply affiliate links if we so choose.


What types of products do you review?
Our audience is home, parenting and education, and are open to reviewing any products that are relevant.
Do you review books?
Yes, although most of our writers have children so reading these fully before publishing a review is not always possible.
Are all products guarenteed to be reviewed?
No. We will look at everything that arrives, but if the product is obviously inferior quality we would rather not review it than leaving a scathing review. Also, if we are pushed for time, this may cause a delay in the product review.
Will my product be returned?
Only if pre-agreed, or if we feel the item is in perfect condition for resale. We would rather it was assumed the items were not to be returned unless expressly agreed in advance.
How long does it take to complete a product review?
We aim to do this within 30 days, but we respect that for some of our writer’s life can get in the way.
Will I be notified if/when my product is reviewed?
Where possible we will send you a live link to the product review.

Submit a Product for review

You can submit a product for review below, please attach any press release details in Word or PDF file including any marketing images.