Meet the team

We have a team of writers, each with their own dedicated expertise and specialised subjects.

Emma McPhee
Emma McPhee has been a professional nanny, childcarer and governess for 20 years. This blog offers advice for the home, parenting, education and entertainment - #nannyknowsbest
Holly MacDonald
Holly studied Digital Journalism at University of Strathclyde. A single mum, her young son Thomas battles for adulation with her love of wine and chocolate, and the very occasional guilt-driven Gym appearance. Other than writing, Holly has a love for making jewellery, thanks to her beloved grandmother.
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran is a father to Isabella (8) and Finnley (6) and lives in Hove, East Sussex. Our Digital Marketing, Technology, and Business expert we call on for business news and a light-hearted update on paternal parenting. Ciaran enjoys sports, cooking, and spending time with his children, and we enjoy his contributions so much we've nicknamed him Manny McPhee.
David Dooley
Every home needs a bit of DIY, and it's fast becoming a lost skill. David Dooley is our resident DIYer and former landscape gardener and handyman. David started work in the building industry at 14 to earn some pocket money and has not looked backwards since. His father was his first boss and instilled into him the mantra “that’ll do will never do” and to this day it is his ethos. Having worked in London, Dublin, Paris and Sydney he is now resident in Brighton and has renovated a number of homes. His current project is finishing his own place much to the joy of his wife and two children.
Dan Stevens
Money advice is a hard thing to dispense wisely, but Dan Stevens studied Finance at the London School of Economics and has worked as a journalist specialising in money management and financial services. You can find Dan, our Finance Guru, at his website