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Who is Nanny McPhee?

Emma McPhee


Long before they made a movie, the original Nanny McPhee was providing childcare services and education in the UK for 20 years.

While the film was based on the Children's book Nurse Matilda, it is heavily rumoured that Emma Thompson named the titular character on her namesake Emma McPhee.

Either way, the original Nanny McPhee takes charge and has been assisting families for generations in advice and guidance for parents.

Emma is a loving wife to Derek and mother to her two grown up children (Simon in Adelaide who is father to three with kids, and Mary who lives in England with her baby). The retired Governess now loves being able to cook, write content for digital media, read, watch films, listen to music, take pictures, and walk Derek the dog.

Emma is an expert in all levels of family life and children's behaviour and development, passing on valuable lessons where she can. Her hard edge has softened with her grandchildren, where she tries to make magical experiences.