Coming home to utter chaos is something most of us can relate to from time to time. There is nothing worse than arriving home to a huge pile of laundry and your children’s toys scattered around each room. It can be enough to make you want to walk straight back out the front door.

During times like these, you need some advice on how to help your home run smoothly. Luckily, you have come to the right place. Below – are some top tips that can help you fall in love with your home all over again.

Prioritise Chores With A To-Do List

Chores need to be completed around the house; no matter how much you ignore them, they will not go away. Therefore, it can be an excellent idea to prioritise your chores by creating a to-do list. This can be something you start with the help of your family.

Delegate chores between one another, and make the burden of housework a lot easier. You can create your list using a to-do list app on your phone. Some of these apps will allow you to share your schedule with others, which is ideal if you share chores between the family. You can find a list of the best to-do list apps through a quick online search.

to do list

Declutter Regularly

It is no secret that having too much stuff and clutter can make you feel stressed. Seeing cupboards overloaded with junk – and lack of storage space can be enough to give you a headache. Therefore, it is best to schedule a regular declutter now and again and satisfy yourself with a decluttering process and organizing system. So get some storage containers and tackle that junk drawer.

The key to decluttering successfully is to start small. If you try to tackle every room in the house at once, you will find it is a mammoth task. Instead, start with one room at a time. As you declutter, the home will begin to look and feel much cleaner and more spacious. This can help you think with a clear mind, and you no longer have to worry about tripping up over your belongings as you walk through the door.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

Much like a to-do list for household chores, you also need to create something of this nature for cleaning. Unfortunately, this is one of those dreaded tasks we cannot avoid. It seems the home is always in constant need of cleaning, whether the kitchen countertops need wiping or the floor needs hoovering.

One way to make this more manageable according to experts CalMaids is to create a cleaning schedule. Like decluttering, don’t try and tackle the whole house at once, as this can get stressful – pretty quickly. Instead, break up the weekly cleaning jobs to make them more manageable. For example, you may choose to clean the bathroom on a Friday afternoon. Sunday might be your day to hoover and dust the bedrooms. Find a routine that works best for you.

cleaning checklist

Have A Handyman On Speed Dial

If there is one contact every homeowner needs in their phone book, it’s a handyman. You never know when a broken door handle will need fixing – or a kitchen cabinet needs replacing. Sometimes, homeowners don’t have the time to fix these jobs themselves, so they are left to worsen over time.

Having a handyman on speed dial can help resolve these issues straight away – to keep your house running smoothly. So, how do you go about finding a handyman you can trust? Do you need to relentlessly search “handymen near me” online? Luckily, MyBuilder is a website that can help you look into finding handymen. All you have to do is tell the website about the job that needs doing. They then post your job advert, and interested handymen can get in touch.

Simplify Your Laundry

Laundry is one of those tasks we can all dread. However, it can quickly send the home into chaos when it starts to pile up. Rather than ignoring your laundry and hoping it will disappear, try to simplify this task instead. For example, if you buy all your bedding and towels in the same colour, they can all be washed together. No more worrying about mixing dark fabrics with light.

When it comes to clothing, you will often find you need to do a white wash and a dark wash from time to time. To make this process easier, have separate laundry baskets for each. This means you don’t have to waste time separating it yourself. Each basket can be dumped straight into the washing machine.

Avoid Arguments About Food With A Meal Plan

Do you and your family ever argue about what’s for dinner? Look, we have all been there. One person wants pasta, while the other one wants rice. It can send the home into a frenzy. Suddenly, it can feel like you have lost total control. If you want your home to run more smoothly, you can avoid arguments about food by creating a meal plan at the start of the week.

Not only will this simplify your food shop as you know exactly what to buy, but it also means you and your family know what is for dinner each week. As you arrive home from work, you can seek peace of mind that it is all sorted. There are plenty of free meal plan templates that you can use online. Using a template is ideal if you are new to the meal planning game.

meal plan

Invest In Storage Solutions

If you feel like the belongings in your home don’t have space to live, it can soon feel cluttered. As a result, your home struggles to become the relaxing sanctuary you have dreamed of for so long. Ideally, the cleaner and more spacious your house can feel, the better. It will help you feel like you have everything under control.

This doesn’t mean you should sell all your belongings. Instead, you can make the house look neater by subtly hiding them. Storage solutions are ideal for this. This broad term covers things like bookcases, shelves, cabinets, and furniture with hidden storage. You will find plenty of storage inspiration online. Once your home starts to look less cluttered, you will find it easier to feel more relaxed as you enter the house.

Create A Homework Section

This last tip applies to those who have children. As your children reach school-age, they will become inundated with homework – and projects they must complete at home. Before you know it, their books and stationery have taken over the whole house. To keep this under control, it can be a good idea to create a homework station.

For this, you will need some sort of storage trolley or caddy. You can use this to store books, stationery, and other school supplies. Once your children are done with these items, they can store them in the caddy, which can be neatly tucked in the corner of a room. Suddenly, the school and art supplies have a home and no longer need to take over tables and cabinets.


Organisation and planning are vital if you want your home to run smoothly. Delegate roles among family members to ease the burden of those dreaded chores, and don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a handyman who can tackle those regular repairs. Before you know it, your home will soon become the relaxing sanctuary you have always dreamed of.