Supervillains have real names too
Supervillains have real names too

For every comic book hero, there has to be an anti-hero or supervillain, to be precise. But like most superheroes, the supervillains must have a real name, alias, or pseudonym.

When the creators of the Marvel Universe and DC Comics got together to make heroes out of everyday folk, they had to give them a nemesis, and each supervillain has a background, whether a good kid turned bad or an alien lifeform hell-bent on destruction and domination.

The villain’s name, which is usually scary and full of fear, has to be followed by an equally sinister real name; otherwise, your axe-wielding maniac tearing up the city is not going to cut the mustard if he has a loveable alias.

Many of our most recognisable supervillains will come from another planet and, therefore, may have just that one name, but if they want to hide here on Earth, they will have to come up with an alias that hides them away from prying eyes.

a POW emblem from a comic book
Comic books are still popular to this day

A Brief History Of Supervillains

As we know, Superman first appeared in Action Comics in 1938. His first nemesis was Ultra-Humanite, a hybrid of a villain that was eventually killed off and replaced with the inimitable Lex Luthor.

This starts the trend of supervillains being a mixture of some human and some alien lifeforms. The evil genius is born, and the supervillain takes on the role of destroyer of worlds and power-hungry lunatic.

Marvel And DC Comics

A supervillain and superhero fighting
Marvel and DC have both given their supervillains real names

Both leading franchises have their fair share of evil geniuses and world destroyers, but Marvel has used the superpower more than DC Comics.

Supervillains with extraordinary powers of strength, mind control, and power are Marvel’s traits. In contrast, DC Comics went more for the human with a brilliant mind, capable of acts so evil and clever it takes power and strength of the superhero to overcome them.

Our Personal Favourites

We all have our personal favourite superhero, but we also have our personal favourite supervillain; whether they are enemies of each other or from a completely different comic book franchise, we hold a place in our hearts for the villains as much as we do the heroes.

Real Names Of The Supervillains

So, if you have ever wondered what our evil genius and arch-enemies are called, here is the list of supervillains and their real names from Marvel and DC Comics.

VillanAlter Ego


AbominationEmil Blonsky
DeathlokMichael Peterson
Dr. OctapusDr. Otto Octavius
GhostAva Starr
Green GoblinNorman Osborn
Iron-MongerObadiah Stane
KillmongerEric Killmoger/N’Jadaka
KingpinWilson Fisk
LokiLoki Odinson
Red SkullJohan Schmidt
ShockerHerman Schultz
The CollectorTaneleer Tivan
The GrandmasterEn Dwi Gast
VultureAdrian Toomes
YellowjacketDarren Cross


Black Adam Theo Ramses Djoser Teth-Adam 
Black MaskRoman Sionis
Calendar ManJulian Gregory Day
CatwomanSelina Kyle
CheetahDr. Barbara Minerva
Clayface IBasil Karlo
DarksideUxas Son of Juga Khan
DeadshotFloyd Lawton
DeathstrokeSlade Joseph Wilson
DeathstrokeSlade Wilson
FireflyGarfield Lynns
Harley QuinnDr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
HushThomas 'Tommy' Elliot
Killer CrocWaylon Jones
Lex LuthorAlexander Joseph Luthor
Mad HatterJervis Tetch
Man-BatDr. Robert Kirkland Langstrom
Mr. FreezeDr. Victor Fries
Poison IvyPamela Isley
Reverse FlashEobard Thawne
ScarecrowDr Jonathan Crane
Sinestro Thaal Sinestro
Solomon GrundyCyrus Gold
The JokerJack Napier
The PenguinOswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
The RiddlerEdward Nigma
Tweedledum and TweedledeeDeever and Dumfrey Tweed
Two-FaceHarvey Dent
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