Your shower drains or kitchen sinks might be clogged with accumulated garbage dump, hair, lint, residue, etc. These shower drains might become slow and be hectic for you to operate with your daily chores. However, there are various things that you need to check in your clogged sink as well as shower drains.

Clogged drains make your workflow slow and limited, it is then when you realize the need to clean up your sinks or drains. But all of a sudden you cannot make up to your accumulated clogs, so make your mind and start from now itself. Some of the immediate ways to unclog your drains are listed here.

●     Remove Visible and Clearer Obstructions

Check for visible hindrances or obstructions in your clogged drain. Hair clumps and leftover residues are the major culprits for these obstructions. If might be possible that these residues are not visible directly, you ought to look underneath the drain and find these dumps. Use a flashlight to check every part clearly and eliminate the debris of the blocked shower drain.

remove hair to Unclog Your Shower Drain

●     Use Your Hand

Once you have identified the debris and its position in the clogged drain, you can use your hand to segregate the big waste and pick them out. Put on a pair of gloves and pick out the accessible residues so that they don’t jam the drain. Try to fetch out the most of it so that your next steps become easier for you.

●     Use a Tool – Drain Snake

You can use flexible bending tools like hangers to pick out the waste, or if you need better results use drain snakes. They are retractable, flexible, easily bending wired substances available at hardware shops. You will have to insert it inside the drain and bring out the material that is clogging the entire pipe. You can also use plastic drain snakes now to clean clogged toilets, they are effective.

●     Boiling Water

Hot water may be effective when your hand and drain snake has failed you. Sometimes, the debris becomes hard and stiff due to moisture disbalance and gets stuck at the edges of the pipe, wires or flexible substances don’t seem to be of much use then, boiling water is what becomes your saviour. You can pour hot water into your drain and it dissolves the harshness while softening the debris around the edges. This process needs to be repeated a few times to get good results.

●     Natural Cleaners

Cleaners that are available at stores and you use for conventional cleaning involve a lot of chemicals while homemade cleaners are the best because they do not possess harsh artificial chemicals that are harmful. You can make homemade solutions of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning your shower drains. After your debris loosens up with boiling water, use these natural cleaners.


Cleaning shower drains or unclogging them is not an easy task, but is extremely important to regulate your daily chores and keep your home maintained. Clogging might affect your sinks and drains performance, and create a long-term slowed down effect. You cannot avoid the seriousness of a clogged drain, the article lists some of the efficient ways to unclog your shower drains immediately.