What does it take to import a vehicle from the UK?

One of the reasons why Irish dealers and residents prefer to import cars from the UK is the price difference, which is caused by the low rate of tax payment on vehicles and the weakening of the Sterling against the Euro.

It is also because of the proper finishing of UK cars and the variety of models that are readily available for Irish people to choose from and purchase.

Similarly, UK vehicles are properly maintained and serviced by the main dealers in the country, which means that they would last longer.

import carHere are the steps to take:

  1. Financial Readiness

Having a great financial plan will help you get the best deals off the car of your choice. Hence, you will need to check that you have enough resources to collect the vehicle. A part of your budget will have to cover that of the car plates, VRT, NCT, and VAT.

Without this, you would not be able to import any car. Likewise, if you are looking forward to an HP or PCP advance, well, car garages in the UK are very unlikely to Grant you this offer.

Have a financial budget that is robust enough to accommodate the charges needed to import the car(s) of your choice.

  1. Look Out For Mechanical Faults

One of the benefits of buying a vehicle from a key dealer in the UK- to import it; is because they offer a reasonable duration of warranty. That also means that if there is a fault or damage, it would still be in effective operational, under the manufacturer’s warranty, there in the UK.

On the other hand, if it were to be a private seller, then it is important to get a good mechanic who can run thorough checks on the car, especially the engine, to be sure that it’s in good condition. 

  1. Have You Settled Insurance, NCT, and Tax

It is not enough to bring a car into the country, as it is only just the beginning of more costs. You could get into trouble in Ireland for not using motor vehicle insurance. Hence, you need to be sure that your new car has all the coverage that is required to drive in the country.

In Ireland, the National Car Testing Service (NCTS) is responsible for registering every vehicle brought into the country, and their services are discharged, at the NCTS Center. Registering your vehicle should commence within seven days, starting from when the car is imported. And it’s expected to be concluded within 30days.

new cars

  1. Know How To Search

When you have finally made up your mind to purchase a car from the UK, we advise that you buy directly from a principal dealer because buying it from a private seller could expose you to greater risks. Except of course, if it is someone you are already familiar with.

There are lots of online websites that you can check to know the price of the vehicle you want to buy. After making your findings, compare the price with that of the dealer in the UK, as this can help you decide whether to go ahead with the purchase.

  1. Get An Estimate Of The VRT and VAT

When importing a vehicle, you need to factor in the cost of the VAT and VRT, alongside other compulsory costs. For instance, you can determine the price of the VRT by calculating the worth of the vehicle you are importing.

If the car is worth more in Ireland than the purchasing price, then you should expect to pay more for the VRT. Similarly, VAT is paid off cars that are six months old or less. It is so important to do proper research before importing any vehicle to avoid any disappointment.

  1. Do A Thorough Check

The internet is an online resource through which anyone can gather as much information as required.

What’s the history of the vehicles you are about to purchase? You ought to know, and you can find out online. Check if the car you are about to import has been illegally tampered with, find out if there is outstanding finance on the car, inspect the vehicle to be sure that it has no damages or mechanical faults. Doing this will save you so much in the long run.

That said, it’s possible to import the vehicle of your choice into Ireland, and if you are a dealer, the same steps apply. Knowing the right way to bring in a vehicle from the UK can save you from a lot of hassles. Also, you will end up saving more money if you diligently adhere to each suggestion that we have outlined.