Buying gifts for anyone can be tough, especially if you’re not sure what they want or need. The process is made even harder when you’re buying items for someone who’s not even born yet, or a new arrival that as only been around for a few weeks.

Even newborn babies get presents, often before they’re even born. Baby showers and gender reveal parties are opportunities for new parents to get gifts that can be useful for little ones when they arrive.

Giving baby gifts is a great feeling, but if you don’t know what to buy it can be hard. While baby registry sites are useful, if a friend or family member doesn’t have one or you’re concerned about buying them something too generic or soft toys, then you might want to explore other options.

Luckily for you, there are many products out there for babies that can be given as gifts, and you can choose items that suit the child’s gender. And although hard to find, they don’t have to be pink.

For baby girls, there are many cute products on the market that can make amazing gifts that parents will love. These items range from clothing to keepsakes and everything in between. So, you can buy a gift like photo frames that has a function but is also sweet and pretty.

Here are some suggestions for cute baby girl gifts for the loved ones in your life who are welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world soon.

Newborn Baby Girl in headband

A Headband With A Bow

For baby girls, headbands are the ultimate accessory. They are easy to put on and can upgrade any look. Baby headbands are a sweet way to accessorise any outfit, particularly if you choose one with a bow on it. Also, they’re one-size-fits-all, so they will fit baby girls from birth upwards, regardless of size.

Most of them are made from breathable fabrics, so they can be worn in all weathers. In the heat, they can be worn alone, and when it’s cold, they can be placed on top of a hat for a quirky yet warm look. Baby fashion brands like Totsi offer a wide range of baby headbands and bows in a range of colours and materials. So, you can find a headband that goes with any outfit and will look cute on any little girl. A headband is a great gift because it is a beautiful item that will be the centrepiece of any outfit.

A Pretty Dress

New mothers can never have enough clothes for their child, and while they are probably buying functional items such as baby grows and sleepsuits, you have a unique opportunity as a gift-giver to spend your money on something more frivolous. So, you might want to consider a pretty dress as a gift for new parents.

A dress will look great for any events they might take their new baby to, and can also be worn when they just feel like dressing her up. It can even be used as an outfit for a newborn photo shoot. Whatever the purpose, make sure that you buy a baby girl dress that is for children who are slightly older than the baby you’re buying it for, so that if they’re large for their age, then they will fit into it. If they’re not large for their age, then they will eventually grow into their new frock and can wear it in the not-so-distant future.

Teething Jewellery

Babies of all ages love putting things in their mouths, and as they start to grow teeth, these items help them to relieve the pain in their gums. Many mothers wear jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets that are both beautiful and non-toxic. As such, these products are safe for their child to chew on while they hold them in their arms.

Unlike regular jewellery, these items won’t hurt their baby if they grab them and chew on them, so they’re a great alternative to traditional pieces. Teething jewellery isn’t really a gift for a baby and can be purchased for mums with babies of either gender, but it can be a great way to get a new mother something cute and fun. Many small designers and boutique stores offer teething jewellery, so this can be a great way to support local businesses and find cute gifts for new mothers that you love.

An Animal Baby Grow

Almost everyone has scrolled through social media and seen a cute picture of a baby wearing an animal costume in the form of a baby grow. Baby grows are easy to slip on a baby, and can make them look really sweet, especially if they’re designed to make them look like an animal. For girls, consider a cat costume or a pretty dog.

There are animal baby grows in almost every style, so you’ll be able to choose one that looks incredibly cute and is great for photographs and taking little girls on fun adventures. Everyone will want to coo over her when they see her dressed up as an animal!

A Baby Bathrobe

Bathrobes are comfortable pieces of clothing that are great for wearing around the house or just after you get out of the bath or shower. While you may have seen a lot of adult-sized bathrobes, you might not be aware that there are many baby bathrobes out there for you to choose from.

Baby bathrobes are useful as they can dry the little one off after their bath, and they’re also super cute. With many different colours and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find a sweet baby bathrobe that will suit the parents’ aesthetic and make the baby look cute and stay dry.

A Bespoke Baby Blanket

Baby blankets can make a great gift for new mums, as they can never have enough baby sleepwear that will keep their little one snug as they take their many naps in their nursery. While choosing a high-quality baby blanket can be a great idea for a gift for a baby shower, you could also consider going one step further and having it personalised.

If you already know the baby’s name, then you can add that, or you could put a cute message to mum and dad. A baby blanket is not only a functional item but also a great keepsake for the future. Many parents put baby blankets into a memory box to remind them of the experience of raising their precious baby when they grow into an adult.

Newborn Baby Girl gifts

Branded Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are sweet because they’re so small, especially when a child is only young. It can be cute to see shoes you commonly associate as being adult-sized that are small enough to fit a newborn baby’s feet.

Many major footwear brands, such as Converse, Doc Martens and more, offer shoes for newborn babies, so you can find a pair of tiny shoes that look cute and match their parents’ adult-sized shoes. Baby shoes can also be kept as a memento, so consider choosing a pretty pair that will look great in a memory box.

Choosing gifts for a newborn baby girl can be a fun experience, especially if you visit baby boutiques and check out the cute items in-store. This list of ideas should help you to find inspiration and select the perfect present for the parents of newborn baby girls you know and love. Which should give you a breather until you need to think about kids birthdays gifts.

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