It is considered normal to, after a while, want to upgrade your house with a mini home makeover. Doing regular upgrades is a form of maintenance. Unfortunately, upgrades can be an expensive venture to entertain. However, there is a way to keep your house upgrades inexpensive, and that is through DIY.

DIY means to Do It Yourself. There are upgrades that you can do yourself, get great results and spend the least amount possible. Here are six super easy DIY ideas to upgrade your house.

Repaint Your House

The easiest way to have your house looking its best again is to repaint the walls which can be done in just a weekend. Repainting an empty wall in your home is a task that doesn’t require a lot of experience. All you need is your designed colour of house paint, some brushes and nylon for the floors to avoid getting errant splatters, and you are good to go. The great thing about doing doing a fresh coat yourself is that whatever mistakes you make while painting becomes a design that showcases the house’s beauty.

With the painting, you don’t have to start big; you can do one room before moving to the others. You can also involve friends and family in your painting process to make a fun event out of it while saving time and money. There are a lot of colours that are bound to make your room sparkle again. You can also decide to mix colours up and create your dream room.

mum and daughter painting

Spice Up Your Room With Fabric Mats

Adding a floor mat at the centre is a good and expensive way to spice up your room. A floor mat always adds to the décor of a room. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy a floor mat to have the same effect in your house. You can make yourself a floor mat.

All you need for your floor mat is some fabric you aren’t using, a needle, thread and scissors. You can check out several designs online for your fabric floor mat. You can research videos if you don’t know how to make one. Fabric floor mats don’t require a lot of fabric or sewing experience to make, which is why it is easy to upgrade your house by yourself.

Put up Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to change the entire look of your house without getting messy. If you are the type to avoid getting dirty, then repainting your home might not be for you. Thankfully, there is the option of putting up removable wallpaper.

The great thing about wallpaper is that it is not expensive compared to painting and is easy to replace. You can also attach wallpaper onto your wall by yourself without the need for any help. There are different patterns and colours, and you only have to find one that fits into the aesthetic of your house and voila, you have your home upgraded with a minor DIY project.

rolls of Rolls of wallpaper

Upgrade Your Home Security

There are many things involved in upgrading your home security, and an upgrade is the best way to keep your house looking its best. For your home security upgrade, you can install new door handles or update your security system if that is what you use. You don’t need expert hands in both instances.

You can easily install your interior or front door handle yourself. All you need to upgrade your door furniture is to purchase new door handles. There are different door handles, but you can always use brass door handles as they are more robust. You can trust Corston’s collection of interior door furniture for your home security needs. Having worked in the interior design field for over half a century, they know how to make even the most daunting project seem easy. All their door and furniture handles are crafted from pure brass and are designed to last a lifetime.

Redo Your Bathroom Floor And Walls

It is not surprising to notice a degradation in the bathroom floor and walls after a while and look dull even despite deep cleaning. However, a bathroom upgrade is almost always the most expensive to do. You can make several changes to your bathroom yourself if you want to upgrade at the most minimal cost.

You can also redo your bathroom floor and walls as an inexpensive option for home improvement. It is easy to either repaint the walls and lay some stylish LVT flooring. Installing the paper wall tiles is easy and cheaper than changing the bathroom altogether. The added benefit is getting easy replacement whenever it starts to look old. Additionally, you apply a fresh batch of caulk on the edging of the  bathroom to open and fade areas.

Spark up Your Couch With Old Fabric

The house furniture is usually the easiest to become old, maybe because it is the most used in the house. You notice that the couch in your home starts to look dull or change colour after a while. There are many ways to upgrade your couch and spend the least money.

The easiest way is to repurpose old fabric. Do you know those fabrics in your house that you, for some reason, can’t find helpful? Well, now you have. Spark up your couch by decorating your fabric stylishly onto the couch or making the fabric into clothing for your sofa. If you are trying to make the fabric into a dress for your couch, then all you need is some needle, thread and fabric; all of which you typically have at home, so you don’t need to spend. If you want to decorate the fabric onto your couch stylishly, you need some pins and fabric. You can turn your sofa into sparkling new furniture by adding suitable material.

mirror and plants


Spruce Up Your Mirror With Crawling Plants

Your mirror no longer has to be bland. Whether it is the mirror in your bedroom or bathroom, you can turn it into a work of art and spruce up your house with the right accessories.

You can attach crawling plants to the sides of your mirror to give it a chic and natural look. A mirror with some addiotnal greenery would make your selfies even better than before. If you aren’t the potted plants type, then there are stickers you can add to the sides of your mirror to give it an upgrade. Even attaching a scarf to the side is a great way to accent the look.


Regardless of the Do it yourself idea that you choose for your upgrade, the most important thing to note is that research is essential. You can find out by asking questions if you need to learn something. Doing it yourself means that you sometimes need to ask for help. When you have support, learning and doing it yourself later is easy.

Doing it yourself also requires a lot of patience. You would make mistakes a lot while trying to do it yourself; your ability to learn from your mistakes would determine your improvement. Take your time with all the upgrades. Take each redesign, one at a time, and you will watch your house become beautiful in your eyes through your hands.