Do you want to make sure that your kids have the best time camping or when going out in your motorhome or campervan? Maybe you just want to make sure that you keep your kids entertained as possible the next time you go out in your RV to avoid the inevitable moans of boredom or the are we there yet.

Removing todays younger generation from devices, Wi-Fi and streaming on demand can be a shock to the system. Finding alternative fun things to do to engage and entertain children just got a lot easier with our guide.

And if all else fails, iPads and tablets can be used on a personal hotspot or with pre-downloaded games and films/TV.

card games in a motorhome

Play some Card Games

Believe it or not, the campsite or motorhome is the best chance for you to go old school when it comes to general entertainment. Small, compact, great for boys and girls and universally known across the world. You don’t even need a table to play, anywhere with a makeshift central space works.

There are a lot of card games that are kid friendly, whether you use a standard deck or some specialised cards. You have games that range from Old Maid to Go Fish. And bought speciality ones like UNO, Exploding Kittens, Sushi Go! and Monopoly Deal.

Board Games

Another form of entertainment that never seems to go out of style is board games, although this is usually best for the campsite when stationary. Now is the time for you to introduce your kids to the games that you happened to love as a child. This could include Scrabble, Checkers, Chess, Frustration, Snakes and Ladders or simple games like Perudo that just need dice and a picnic table.

Make sure that you explore the options that are available today and that you also take the time to find something your kids are going to love. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to have the best time.

Just be wary of games that have small pieces vital to the gameplay. Once lost, it makes the game effectively useless.


Reading is one of the best and easiest ways for anyone to pass the time, although beware of motion sickness. These days it is more than possible for you to choose your book online with Kindles, or you can print them yourself. If you are on a tight budget, then don’t be afraid to visit the library, as they will often let you check out books as well as eBooks. The other top tip is charity shops and swap bins.

mother reading to her kids
You can also try and read your child some non-fiction books

Colouring Books

Colouring never gets old. This is an activity that everyone can love and is known to destress. Look at the adult colouring books out there, and you will soon see how many options there are. You can bring a stack of them with you, or you can even buy some from your destination.

A lot of puzzle and activity books also have little activities such as word finds, connecting the dots or crossword puzzles. These can be a great choice to pass the time for children and entertain them over the whole holiday.

Travel Games

A lot of top games come in convenient travel sizes, great for small spaces. This makes them ideal for campervan trips. The great thing about travel games is that they can keep kids entertained for hours on end, and this is great for long journeys, to say the least.

Also, always take a ball, Frisbee, walkie talkie, or anything else that takes up limited space but can give hours of fun on your camping adventure.

Arts and Crafts

Kids love to carry out art projects. The great thing about there is that there are plenty of things that you can do to get involved. And nature is a great inspiration for drawing and painting.

If you are near a beach, you can find some flat rocks to paint. You can even leave them behind for someone else to find.

music by the campfire

Listen to Music

When you go on an camping trip, it’s the ideal opportunity to disconnect from the world and immerse yourselves in nature. That being said, it is also possible for you to watch movies and listen to some music while you are on the go, especially when pre-downloaded playlists. Plus, the radio still works pretty good these days for easy access to our favourite songs.

A lot of motorhomes and campgrounds now offer a Wi-Fi connection (although I wouldn’t rely on the strength of this), and this means that you can make the most out of your internet by simply connecting to the network. Of course, if you can, you can also explore the idea of getting a wireless hotspot through your phone carrier.

Of course, if you are musically talented and have a guitar, you can’t beat an acoustic session round the campfire. Toasting marshmallows and just talking, are great fun camping activities under the night sky not to be missed.


Travelling in an RV Campervan with your kids can easily be one of the most memorable experiences ever. Just make sure that you plan ahead to break up long journeys and make some memories. Exploring the UK opens up nature, which helps teach kids about the natural world and how to respect it.

Do your research on local things to do and see, for example hiring a motorhome in Scotland offers a wealth of natural beauty to explore together as a family. If you can do this, then there is no reason at all why you can’t have the best time and why you can’t make the most out of your family camping trip.

The great outdoors gives so many easy activities like a scavenger hunt, building a den and so much more. Just remember kids imagination is an amazing thing, so don’t be afraid to let them create their own games when camping.

If you need further inspiration you can check out our dedicated guide for keeping kids entertained on planes.