Every person is waiting for their vacation, regardless of your position and work commitments. Even those who work exclusively at home or have devoted their lives to raising children still dream of the hot sun, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, the azure seashore and the opportunity to do whatever they want.

The dream of crystal clear water, great restaurants and time to unwind is top of most lists for people going on a vacation but is it achievable and if so how do you get to enjoy all that the holiday has to offer?

The sound of the ocean lapping against a pristine beach is no longer a fantasy as world travel becomes much easier and more affordable we can allow our fantasies to run wild and truly indulge into our sun-kissed beach holiday.

What To Do On A Beach Vacation To Have Lots Of Fun And Truly Relax?

Of course, a trip to the beach is, first of all, a change of scenery. You get to feel the wind on your face and that beautiful aroma of the fresh sea air.

So let’s look at a few options to help make your beach vacation full of fun, things to do and yet truly relaxing, positive and unforgettable.

Two paddle boarders in an aerial picture
Paddle boarding is one of many ideas of what to do at the beach

Conquering The Waves

A little-known fact is that salt water can be an effective antidepressant. Additionally, swimming can actively help to relax the spine and joints. Therefore, for many of us the first thing to do when arriving at your beach destination is to jump directly into the sea.

Swimming is not the only activity that you can undertake in the sea, water-skiing, surfing, paddle boarding and other extreme beach sports are just a few popular entertainment options for tourist destinations.

Snorkelling is one of the most popular activities on any beach vacation and getting to see real life sea turtles, exotic coloured fish and maybe even a shipwreck will add to the adventure.

Getting Around

If you live far from the beach or your hotel is too far to walk from, you can quite easily rent a car to get around quickly and comfortably and see the sights. The car rental service is very popular, especially in resort countries.

MPVrentals advise booking a size larger than you need and for that extra space and comfort. If you need help they are specialists in arranging holiday MPV rental check them out.

It is important to note that car rental service is very common and you can use both business bay rent and rent anywhere in the city. In a word, renting a car is all about convenience, privileges, and a strong sense of identity. 

Two deck chairs on deserted beach
Sunbathing is one way to relax on your beach vacation


A fabulous tan is not only beautiful but, within reasonable limits, useful. Tanning allows you to fill the deficiency with vitamin D, strengthen the immune system and improve calcium absorption.

But remember that you should sunbathe wisely to avoid thermal sunburns, sunstroke, and other unpleasant consequences. A beautiful, deep tan can be easily obtained from 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.

These are the safest times to absorb ultra-violet rays from the sun will restrict the harm that can possibly be caused to your health.

Remember to use special means to protect the skin. High factor sun creams are essential when being exposed to sunlight and the cream has to be administered regularly for it to be effective.

Beach volleyball being played
Beach volleyball is popular at most vacation resorts

Active Holidays On The Beach

It’s always good to go on vacation with a pleasant group of people, especially if your interests are similar. You could have beach volleyball and frisbee competitions at the beach with your friends.

Some resorts offer wide ranges of sports and activities to keep you entertained on your beach vacation. Group training sessions are conducted in the water and sand on the beaches of various hotels.

Also, quite a fun activity is building sand castles and sand sculptures together. 

Panoramic view of fog filled mountains
Take a break from the beach and head into the mountains

The Mountains

What if you want to see more of the environment around your resort or simply have a break from the beach.

Many resorts are positioned so that mountains are close to the sea. To ensure that your trip to the mountains goes smoothly, find a suitable companion in advance and prepare the right shoes and clothes.

Many of the resorts will offer guides to take you to some of the best parts of the mountains. Great vistas and wildlife will be in every photo that you take on one of these guided tours.

Remember to bring a supply of water and food, a knife, and matches, and fully charge your phone.

Two rental bikes in a sunset
Excursions can give you a taste of local culture


On our vacations we often want to have a different experience than just sunbathing all day on the beach or around the pool and getting out into the surrounding areas will make your holiday experience even better.

What better way to soak up the local culture than to leave the beach behind and explore the towns, cities and market places of your vacation destination.

In this situation, we advise visiting nearby attractions. By the way, booking pre-planned trips are not at all necessary; you can visit several fascinating locations on your own.

The chance to depart from the intended path will then exist, saving you from adjusting to the schedule.

A plate of snails cooked gastronomically
Enjoy the gastronomic delights of your local restaurants

Gastronomic Tour

Feel free to start visiting neighbourhood restaurants, cafes, and street eateries with a variety of traditional specialities if you enjoy good food and are not frightened of culinary experiments.

Examine the group seated at the tables in further detail. If there are locals present, their food is probably good and affordable.

Each location will have a speciality on its menu so why not try all the flavours on offer. What better way to feast on local gastronomic delights than to leave the beach for a culinary overload.

Couple walking hand in hand along a sunset beach
Romantic stroll along a sunset beach is a true holiday experience

Evening Romance

Watching the sunset on the beach while sipping local champagne and enjoying a light snack will ultimately enliven your trip. A long, moonlit walk with your loved one is of the most romantic and idyllic options available on your vacation so why not take advantage of the freedom you have.

Stones stacked saying relax, restore, regroup and reflect
A beach vacation is a great chance to relax and unwind

Fully Relax

What can you do if you have had enough of the sea and the sun and still want some positive impressions?

You can try visiting a spa or getting a soothing massage. Nearly every resort offers these services, and professionals even provide them right on the beach in certain locations.

However, make sure to consult your doctor if there are any contraindications. Massage is best avoided if there is even the slightest doubt.

The key components of a great vacation are a positive attitude, a sense of adventure, upbeat company, and a desire for quality rest. However, wherever you go, keep in mind that there is something to see and do in every country. Enjoy your rest!