Munich sunset panoramic architecture, Bavaria, Germany. Frauenkirche and town hall on Marienplatz

Munich is traditionally a household name for fans of beer, quality cars and good football. But as a family holiday, it is rarely mentioned – and that is a big mistake. If you come to the city with your family, it will welcome you with a friendly atmosphere, plenty of entertainment and exciting museums. 

The best for children! This is the motto of Munich. That’s because Munich has some of Bavaria’s and  Germany’s best amusement parks right on its doorstep – which no child can resist. 

But before you plunge into a world of endless fun and good mood, surrounded by your loved ones – you need to plan your trip properly. After all, planning a vacation is like a business plan before starting your own business; if not done, it can cause problems.

Since Munich is a very popular city for tourists, and the most significant influx of people is precisely when they arrive at the airport, to ensure there are no traffic problems or scams, you can book an AtoB Munich airport transfer and ensure that you and your family arrive safely to your hotel or apartment.

Now let’s get on with the family journey to the heart of Bavaria!

Sea Life Oceanarium

This place is perfect as part of your Munich family holiday. It opened in 2006 and has won over the hearts of adults and children alike! There are 1000 creatures from the ocean’s depths in over 30 large aquariums. Remember to visit the Tropical Ocean; it is an incredible spectacle.

Fairytale Amusement Park (Maerchenwald)

Fairytale cottage as part of the amusement park
Munich offers so much for a family holiday

There’s probably no child out there who doesn’t know the fairy-tale of Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood, so we suggest you go to the Fairytale Amusement Park. All these characters come to life in a giant spectacle of fun and enjoyment! It is advisable to rent an airport transfer to get there as it’s not quite in Munich but about 40km away – but it’s well worth it! The child in you will love it!


Yes, that’s right! Surfing in Munich is fun for the whole family (with older kids). You can go to the surfing training and competition in Englicher Garten park. It is an amazing spectacle! An ideal time of year to get to this place is July (because that’s when the competitions take place, which you can watch for free).

And another similar place with the same amount of fun where you can actually try your hand at surfing is Flaucher Biergarten in the south of Munich (use an AtoB airport taxi during your trip). There are waves there from April to September, and there are hardly any spectators – an ideal place. 


Munich is home to Europe’s world’s biggest circus, the Circus Krohne. When you come here, the whole family will be impressed by the circus that offers acrobats, clowns and an animal show, and afterwards, children can meet the animals in the mini zoo at the circus. You are bound to meet Goliath, a horse that has ridden more than 70,000 children in the last 20 years (you must agree that’s a lot). 

Beer Gardens

Munich beer garden
Munich’s Beer Gardens has entertainment for the whole family

Beer gardens may not sound very kid friendly, but it’s a great atmosphere and very welcoming and not something to miss. There are plenty of playgrounds for children and a fantastic selection of tasty German beer for adults that will keep everyone happy, as Munich’s beer is some of the best in the world.

German Museum 

Take a day out and visit the German Museum in Munich! Get a taste of science! It is the world’s most extensive science and technology museum. Hundreds of interesting exhibits here will appeal to anyone of any age. For the littlest ones, there is also the “Children’s Kingdom”. 

Museum of Man and Nature

After the German Museum, it would be appropriate to mention another German museum where you can explore the natural world and man’s place in this vast world. This place will also appeal to a wide range of people and is great for families! 

Amusement Park

There’s a fun place that you have to tell your airport taxi driver – Bavaria Film Studios. There’s plenty to keep the whole family, including the kids, interested. You’ll start with the Asterix films, learn how to make special effects in movies, and even visit the set yourself. Children may want to have a film-related job after going to this place. 


Dallmayer was once the shop of monarch's
Dallmayer was once the shop of monarch’s

If you want an original place to eat you can go to Dallmayer. The shop once supplied the King of Bavaria and his court. Nowadays, it is just a shop with outstanding quality products; you can always find fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc. But why did we initially write for an original place to eat?

The fact is that Dallmayer House has a café – which produces its very own line of coffee. And there’s also a restaurant from the same brand (which proudly bears two Michelin stars, which is saying a lot) not far from this café. 

The Rock Museum in Munich’s Olympic Tower

And our article closes with an original place to go – the Rock Museum in Munich’s Olympic Tower. It’s a very small museum that is 184 metres above the ground. You go to Munich’s fastest lift, which takes you to the observation deck at 7 metres per second. This is an exciting place for the whole family (especially for families who love rock) because you will see autographs, personal items, musical instruments and much more from famous rock musicians who gave concerts in this stadium at different times.

Whenever travelling to a new country always seek travel advise regarding visa restrictions, passport necessities and current government guidance before embarking on your adventure.