If you’re in the market for a reliable, budget-friendly used family car under £5000, it’s good to know your options. We asked the experts at Carplus.co.uk for their top 10 best family cars that are available second hand within our set budget.

We’ve defined a family car as a vehicle that is large enough to comfortably accommodate a family, including parents and children. It must have a spacious interior with ample seating and boot capacity to accommodate all family members and their belongings. All listed are 5 doors.

We’ve intentionally ignored SUV’s and looked at mid-sized cars. So here is our guide for some excellent options that will suit your needs without breaking the bank.

ford focus on road
The Ford Focus Hatchback

1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a popular choice for families, offering practicality, comfort, and a smooth ride. With its spacious interior and ample boot space, it’s great for everyday use and family trips. Look for models from around 2010 or later, as they often come with modern features and improved fuel efficiency. The Focus has a good track record for reliability, making it a solid option for a used family car.

2.Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra is another excellent contender in the used car market. Its stylish design, comfortable cabin, and fuel-efficient engines make it an appealing choice for families. Look for models from around 2012 onwards, as they tend to have more up-to-date technology and safety features. The Astra’s affordable maintenance costs and practicality make it a smart investment for those on a budget.

3.Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is known for its build quality and enjoyable driving experience. This compact family vehicle offers a good balance between performance and fuel economy. Models from the mid-2000s and onwards are worth considering, as they often come with a range of engine options and plenty of safety features. The Golf’s timeless design and reputation for reliability make it a popular choice among used car buyers.

4.Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a reliable and well-built family car that holds its value remarkably well. Look for models from around 2008 or later, as they come with improved interior quality and better technology. The Civic is known for its practicality and fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for families on a budget who still want a bit of driving enjoyment.

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla

5.Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has a strong reputation for being a dependable and durable family car. Look for models from around 2010 onwards, as they have better safety features and a more modern design. The Corolla’s comfortable ride and fuel efficiency make it an excellent option for daily commuting and family outings.

6.Nissan Qashqai

If you’re after a family-friendly SUV, the Nissan Qashqai could be the perfect fit. Although it may be a bit older, look for models from around 2009 or later to find a good balance of features and value. The Qashqai offers a spacious interior, elevated driving position, and practicality, making it a top choice for families who enjoy a bit of adventure.

7.Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is a spacious family car that offers great value for money. Look for models from around 2013 onwards, as they come with more refined engines and modern technology. The Octavia’s large boot and comfortable interior make it an excellent companion for long journeys and everyday use.

Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30

8.Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 is a reliable and affordable family car that comes with a generous amount of standard features. Opt for models from around 2012 or later to benefit from improvements in build quality and fuel efficiency. The i30’s competitive pricing and long warranty make it an attractive option for those looking for peace of mind and value.

9.Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is a stylish and fun-to-drive family car that offers great value for money. Look for models from around 2010 onwards, as they often come with advanced safety features and a well-designed interior. The Mazda 3’s sporty handling and fuel-efficient engines make it a great choice for those who enjoy a more engaging driving experience without compromising on practicality.

10.Renault Megane

The Renault Megane is a versatile family car that comes in various body styles, including hatchback, estate, and coupe. Look for models from around 2012 or later to benefit from the updated styling and improved technology. The Megane’s comfortable ride and spacious cabin make it an appealing option for families seeking a reliable and affordable used car.


There you have it – a selection of the best used family cars under £5000 in the UK. These cars offer a combination of practicality, reliability, and value, making them perfect choices for families on a budget. Remember, finding the right car is just the first step; financing it wisely is equally important.

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