Floral bouquets bring cheer and joy to any occasion, especially during the holiday season. Christmas flowers are a perfect way to add beauty and elegance to any family gathering in the festive season. From bold poinsettias to sweetly-scented lilies, this article will explore the unique floral gift ideas that make Christmas extra special.

Festive flowers can be used in creative ways to create beautiful displays and arrangements suitable for any yuletide celebration. And with international delivery it’s the perfect present as you can order flower delivery in Manchester for friends or family from your home or office easily.

Read on to discover the perfect floral gift ideas for Christmas that will make this holiday season even more magical and share the festive cheer.

poinsettia Traditional Christmas flower
Poinsettias are iconic holiday blooms

Popular Christmas Flower Arrangements

Poinsettias are popular gorgeous Christmas flowers with lush green foliage, and the petals come in a range of deep reds, pinks and whites to match any décor and our the ultimate floral gift.

For those looking for something more subtle, white lilies and pine cones arranged in a vase make a classic winter bouquet. For a touch of sparkle, delicate snowdrops or baby’s breath with silver accents can provide a magical look to any arrangement.

Christmas cacti are also great for the season, with their bright red and pink blooms which can pique interest in any table decoration.

Christmas table decoration

Christmas table decoration

Origin And Meaning Of Christmas Flowers

There are several flowers that are associated with the celebration of Christmas. The poinsettia, native to Mexico and Central America, has become popular symbol due to its bright red colouring and flower shape similar to the Star of Bethlehem, guiding the way for the three wise men.

Holly retains its green leaves even in cold winter months, and is symbolic of Christ’s passion and suffering on the cross. The bright red berries resemble drops of blood and the pointy leaves represents the crown of thorns. Holly wreaths are often hung on front doors as an open invitation to the spirit of Christmas to enter the home.

Ivy is often used in floral arrangements at this time of year due to its evergreen nature and ability to survive cold weather conditions.

Finally, mistletoe is an evergreen shrub traditionally it was hung from doorways during Christmas celebrations as a sign of love and goodwill between families and friends alike.

Pine Cones are also integral to Christmas flower arrangements as give some contrasting brown colours, plus serve as a visual representation to the Christmas tree smell we all know and love.

All these flowers come together to create unique red, white and green bouquets and arrangements representing joy, hope, peace and love. A perfect Christmas gift during this special time of year.

winter bouquet of fresh Nobilis spruce pine cones carnations cotton
A beautiful winter bouquet of fresh Nobilis spruce, pine cones, carnations, cotton

Tips For Storing And Caring For Christmas Flowers

A Christmas flower bouquet should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat like radiators or hot kitchens. To ensure the longevity of any cut flower arrangements, they should also be placed in a cool area where temperatures will not exceed 19°C.

In terms of hydration, water levels must be monitored regularly and topped up as needed. Use only filtered or distilled water since tap water contains chlorine which can damage stems and petals over time.

Fun Christmas Floral Projects For Kids

An excellent activity for children is engaging in Christmas floral projects such as making festive table centrepieces or flower arrangements.

These projects provide opportunities for creative expression, learning about plants and flowers, and spending quality time together as a family. Projects can be simple or complex depending on the age group of children involved. Age appropriate tasks may include gathering materials for the project or arranging them in interesting ways. The use of other elements such as ribbons, beads, and bells can add an extra sparkle to any project.

Christmas floral projects offer a unique opportunity for adults to nurture young minds while building lasting memories together.