Running any retail business is no easy feat. But if you are only focusing your efforts and funds on streamlining processes and improving productivity, you might be losing brand loyalty to lousy customer service standards, specifically if you own an e-retailer. 

These days, customers have high expectations. Your shoppers expect you to provide tailored customer experiences. But customer experiences don’t end as soon as a sale is made. On the contrary, the journey will continue long after the sale. As a result, customer service has a significant impact on customer experience. 

Here’s how you can improve customer service standards for your e-commerce business.

Use A Customer Data Platform

CDP – customer data platform software makes it possible to collect data from several different online and offline sources. While this platform can help you create a unified customer profile to make better marketing decisions, it can also assist with improving the customer experience and e commerce customer service standards.

You can improve customer service efforts by identifying and understanding customers better. This software makes achieving a more consistent customer base possible, empowering teams to cultivate good experiences as well as better customer service. 

Data images going into AI brain
Having the right data for online shopping and brick and mortar stores is vital in any business

Ask For Feedback

While CDP software can collect valuable customer data to make impactful improvements, it’s still worthwhile to ask customers for feedback for the same reason. The action of requesting feedback shows that your brand cares about shoppers’ opinions, preferences, and needs. Beyond that, you will have a collection of valuable feedback data to improve customer service standards.

Provide More Options

Some customers feel more comfortable contacting your business via multiple channels like email, while others prefer texting or calling. Allowing your customers to decide how they want to interact with your business is the best way to ensure they do just that. 

To provide customers with more communication channels, you can use live chatbots, rely on after-hours answering services or call centre agencies, and include various contact options for instant gratification and customer feedback on your website.

Use Order And Shipping Tracking Functions

Customer support channels become the most active as customers wait to receive their online orders. From the moment that your shopper makes a purchase and selects a delivery type, they will want to monitor the order’s status. 

Instead of leaving customers in the dark and allowing support channels to overflow with queries and complaints, it’s wise to include order tracking and delivery updates to your website’s functions. 

A delivery being checked in
With social media and content marketing a big issue for e-commerce it is vital to deliver excellent customer service

Follow Up More Than Once

Of course, following up with customers when they reach out to your business is essential. But it’s just as important to follow up again even after the query or issue is dealt with. With this, many consumers will feel your brand is fully prepared to resolve any problems. 

While you can improve customer service with innovative customer data platforms, live chat, and helpful services like call centre agencies, it’s still important to answer questions and listen to customer feedback and make your business as available as possible. In addition, offering the customer more options is also an effective way to improve customer loyalty and make the overall shopping experience a win win for you and the customer.