Galway’s scenery is unparalleled among major cities. With a renewed sense of national pride, celebrations are held throughout the year. Galway’s historic commercial districts are often bustling. However, those searching for quiet can find it just a stone’s throw away on the calm waters of Galway Bay or Lough Corrib. 

Galway, Ireland is teeming with various Irish traditions and customs, from the old to the present and from the urban to the rural.  There are luxury hotels, budget hotels, live music, and day trips. If you need help planning your vacation to Galway, this guide is for you. 

The Best Places to Stay in Galway

The quality of your lodging significantly affects your time and experience in Galway. From booking your travel ticket to finding rentals that suit your needs using platforms like and ensuring you have delightful meals throughout your journey, there is a lot to organize when planning a trip to Galway. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and abundant resources available, navigating through logistics has become more convenient than ever. The following are some of the most highly recommended places to stay in Galway.

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Beach-goers and sunbathers may cool off in Salthill, located across Galway Bay. If you want to take in the breath-taking views of the western shore, staying in this Galway village is your best bet. Salthill has a large promenade and is right on the coast. Every vantage point along the promenade offers spectacular panoramas. The Aran Islands are visible in the distance. There are many great places to eat, drink, and shop in Salthill.

Galway City Centre

The heart of the city centre is where you want to be if you’re visiting for the first time. There are plenty of welcoming bars and fascinating landmarks to explore in Galway on your visit. Eyre Square is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, and visitors must see it. The area around the plaza is home to many stores, marketplaces, restaurants, and seats where you can sit and take in the sights. The heart of Galway’s small city is a beautiful and convenient place to go for a stroll. The stone building facades suggest that this part of the city has been around since at least the Middle Ages. 


Kinvara is an excellent option if you’re searching for a great place to stay in Galway City that’s convenient for both sightseeing and bar hopping. This charming neighbourhood will win your heart with its tiny lanes lined with colourful old buildings and stunning traditional Irish scenery.


A quiet community with plenty of open areas and kid-friendly attractions, this area is about 5 miles (8 km) east of Galway’s city centre and is one of Galway’s most stunning natural places. The large Renville Park, complete with a playground and other picnicking and day-long activity areas, makes this a top pick for families visiting Galway. 

Exciting Things To Do In Galway

There are many enjoyable things to do in Galway that will make your visit worthwhile. Here are some of the best things to do in Galway:

Visit the Salthill Promenade

The Salthill neighbourhood’s two-kilometre-long promenade is a popular destination for strolls at all hours of the day. One brave soul may even be willing to brave the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and go for a swim while experiencing its full intensity. Please don’t leave without stopping for lunch at one of the many cosy, old-school taverns that dot its length.

Learn the backstory of the Claddagh rings

You can find the Claddagh Ring Museum in downtown Galway, just on Quay Street. Despite its modest size, this museum boasts one of the oldest collections of Claddagh wedding bands, with some pieces dating back to the early 1500s. The origins of this custom, passed down from mother to daughter for generations, are unknown.

Enjoy the Beautiful Views at Menlo Castle

Menlo Castle, located not far from the heart of Galway, was engulfed in flames in 1910. The Blake family abandoned their home of 16 generations. The ivy-covered remains of the 1569 structure and its picturesque setting on the banks of the River Corrib make for a breath-taking backdrop to any outdoor activities, from fishing to hiking.

Head to the Galway City Museum 

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Galway City’s pub culture, this museum will give you a whole new perspective on the city’s fascinating history, folklore, and link to the sea. Visit the museum to see how the city you think you know so well has changed throughout the years.


Galway is a beautiful place to visit and the type of destination that caters to various travellers. Galway is a stunning travel destination, home to jaw-dropping castles and vibrant and breath-taking natural scenery.  From the best restaurants to the excellent pubs, you will be spoiled for choice in Galway because there are so many unique attractions and sights and an unending list of things to do.

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