Redecorating or upgrading your child’s room doesn’t always have to break the bank. In fact, with a few adjustments to your lighting and some alterations to the interiors of the space, you can completely transform a kid’s room for a fraction of the budget. Are you eager to add some more style and illumination to your children’s rooms with LED light strips? Here’s how lighting can make a bedroom look brighter, bigger, and more personalised. 

Work with a theme

This theme can be as broad as you like, but it’s always best to discuss these themes and ideas with your child beforehand. For example, superhero themes are popular these days, and by using something like a 5-metre LED light strip, you’ll be able to create some effective lighting around bunk beds, toy shelves, and other display areas to highlight the figures and superhero art on display. 

This lighting method isn’t exclusive to this particular theme idea. No matter what theme you and your child choose, the point is that when you focus on a concept, it’s easier to plan ways to light up the most important parts of the room that express those ideas and themes. 

The right furniture can make all the difference 

One standard source of light in a room doesn’t add the depth and personality needed to make a children’s room fully pop with colour. From gaming desks and chairs to the beds your children sleep in, the furniture needs to have those additional hues to actually add to the ambience of the room itself. 

Ideally, adjustable lights should be placed on strong and dependable furnishings that won’t be considered uncool in a matter of months. To save money while decorating, aim for simple but stylish furniture that you can layer the theme upon, preventing you from having to redo the entire lighting and furniture scheme when the kids become a little older and change their tastes. 

mother and daughter read in tent

Don’t shy away from natural lighting 

Depending on where your child’s bedroom sits, natural lighting can be a wonderful addition to the space. Make the most of this natural light by avoiding a few simple common mistakes. First of all, a fresh lick of white paint can make the space work well with natural light, especially when combined with an LED set-up to accentuate it. 

Natural light can also be a great mood booster for your kids and can help them to sleep better in some cases. Avoid decorating windows with any toys, dolls, or action figures, as the less you clutter your window areas with, the better that natural light pouring into the space will look. 

Final Thoughts 

By using an established theme, accentuating the furnishings in the room itself, and embracing the use of both natural and artificial lights, you’ll have everything needed for a completely new feel to a children’s room without spending a small fortune to accomplish it. With just a few changes and some clever use of cost-effective lighting, you’ll have an ideal room that makes both you and your children happy.