While it’s likely most parents are joining in with Joe Wick’s 9am P.E class, other exercises might be needed. If you are a regular gym-goer, you probably have a good idea of fitness workouts you can do. These are great not just to stay active, but you can lose weight, gain self-confidence, and do wonders for your mental health.

So find a music playlist, get a lightweight-shirt or tank-top made of a breathable material like cotton or polyester, then some flexible bottoms like gym shorts, sweatpants or yoga wear.

Here are some ideas for home exercise without any equipment.

YouTube Workouts

I get it. Motivation, technique, routines, these are strangers to some. Youtube has a wealth of videos, easy to watch, good guidance on how to do it, plus no-one there to judge you for doing int half-heartedly. What is not to like. Just search “workout” and find the person you like, or search by workout. Be warned, HIT means High-Intensity Interval Training. There is no shame in going in at the right level and working your way up. There are plenty of traditional workouts of push-ups and squats, and they are all instructional to teach you how to do it properly.


This is my favourite form of exercise and is suitable for all the family. Our kitchen is our dance floor and always filled with music. It’s a great way to burn calories and increase the heart rate, but importantly it’s impossible to do incorrectly. Just put on your favourites songs and let the beat do the rest. It’s a fantastic thing to do with the children and never fails to create smiles and laughter in our house.


Stair stepping is a fantastic cardio exercise which you can do on the bottom of a set of stairs or piling up big books or wood. Even a child’s stool step might do the trick. If you are struggling for motivation, you can put it in front of the TV.


Cleaning the house is not just a chore, it’s a daily punishment for having Children. Kudos to those who can get their kids to leave the place spotless, mine prefer to empty the toy box rather than fill it. It’s actually more physically demanding than you think to hoover, sweep and mop. You have to do it anyway, so all the better to make an exercise routine out if it.

The Plank

A simple but effective exercise for your core muscles. Simply get into a push-up position, and hold yourself up for 30 seconds. It’s more challenging than you think, and each day you can increase the time.

Homemade weights

In the house there will be things you can use instead of weights. 2L squash bottle do the trick for me, as do 6-pint bottles of milk which have handles. Use that stock-piling to your advantage with arm curls, squats and shoulder exercises.

Jumping Jacks

Quick-fire cardio with the school playground favourite, just make sure you have enough room around you.