A godmother can fulfil a special role in a child’s life. It can be a significant responsibility and an honour to be chosen as a godmother. As a godchild, it is important to show your godmother that you care and recognise their importance in your life, particularly as you and your godmother get older.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can show your godmother that you care. The ways you choose may depend on how close you are to your godmother and the type of role she has played in your life. Here are some of the best ways to honour your godmother and show her you care.

Include Her In Your Wedding

Giving your godmother a role to play in your wedding can be one of the most poignant ways to show her you care. There are plenty of ways that you could include your godmother in your wedding. They could be a part of your bridal party, sit at the family table or be a bridesmaid.

She could also play an invaluable role in helping you plan your wedding. Weddings can be stressful to plan and manage, so the more help you get, the better.

Go On Holidays Together

Taking a trip with your godmother can be a fantastic bonding experience. You could consider having a big family holiday abroad, or a holiday just for the two of you. You should discuss your ideas for a holiday with your godmother to ensure that she will enjoy it. Paying for the holiday yourself can be a great way to show you care about her and want her in your life.

Have A Family Photo Taken

While not blood related, godparents can often come to be a part of the family. You can show your godmother that this is the case for her by having a family photo taken with her included. It is a good idea to look into the different options for photographers locally and choose one that has an excellent portfolio. The photo could include your parents, siblings, children and godmother. You can then have the photos framed and placed around your home. Do the same for her copy of the photo as a thoughtful gift.

Write Her A Letter

In the age of social media, we rarely take the time to handwrite letters anymore. Receiving a handwritten note can be exciting and is something that many people enjoy. You could consider investing in some beautiful stationery and a fountain pen to create a beautiful letter. You could tell her how much she means to you, recount some of your favourite memories together or simply update her on your life.

Help Her Around The House

Much like our parents, as our godparents get older they may need help around the house as they enter their golden years. As a godchild, you have benefitted from their guidance, support and advice over the years, so it is only fitting that you should return the favour when they need you.

You could consider going grocery shopping for them, helping them clean the house or helping out in the garden. This can be a great way to show them you care by helping them with practical concerns, unless of course they live in assisted living.

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Make Her Birthday Extra Special

Birthdays are always a fun and memorable time. There’s no better time to pamper your godmother than her birthday. It is a good idea to consider all elements of the day when planning your godmother’s birthday celebrations. You should also consider her wishes and plans for the day to ensure it is the perfect day for her.

You could consider hosting a party, buying her a special gift or taking her out to treat her to some pampering. Of course, no birthday is complete without birthday cards, and there are some excellent options for birthday cards for godmothers to be found at https://cardgallery.co.uk/collections/birthday-cards-godmother-aut.
talking to godmother on phone

Call Her Regularly

Staying in contact with your godmother is crucial to maintain your relationship and bond. As we get older, our lives can get busier, so it is vital that you plan your time and make space for your godmother regularly. You could consider setting up a standing call time so that she will always know when she’ll get to talk with you next. Ensure that you get all your daily chores out of the way before your phone call so that you can focus on bonding with your godmother.

Ask Her For Advice

Godmothers can be an excellent source of advice. Asking your godmother for help and guidance can be a great way to show that you value her role in your life. If you have a dilemma or problem, talk to your godmother to see what she thinks is the best course of action. However, you should avoid relying too heavily on any one person for advice, as this can put too much responsibility on one person.

Take Her On A Spa Day

Going for a spa day can be the best way to relax, unwind and enjoy some bonding time together. You should research the local spas to find one that will offer all the pampering you desire. You could even make a weekend retreat of it and spend a long weekend bonding and enjoying massages, facials and pedicures. You could get matching mani-pedis for some quality girl time bonding. Making these trips a regular occurrence can be a great way to start a godmother-godchild tradition. You could even include your own daughter once they are old enough.

Help Her With Her Problems

When you were a child, it was your godmother’s role to help and guide you. As an adult, you can start to return the favour. It is a good idea to let your godmother know that she can always talk to you and that you are willing and able to do whatever you can to help her, whether by offering advice, practical support or just lending a sympathetic ear.

Make Memories

Fond memories are one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one. You could consider finding ways to make memories together rather than buying material items. A great way to give your godmother the gift of an experience is to write out a bucket list with her. You can then work your way through the list with her, creating precious memories as you go.

Exercise Together

Staying fit and active is crucial at any age. Helping your godmother stay healthy through exercise can be a fantastic way to ensure that you and your godmother live life to the fullest. You could consider going for runs together and set yourself a target to achieve, such as a 10k race. You could also consider exercise classes like dance or yoga to help improve strength and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Your godmother performs a vital role in your life. She is a source of strength and guidance, and as such, it is crucial that you do what you can to ensure she knows that she is a valued and essential part of your life. There are plenty of ways to honour your godmother, and whatever you choose to do, you will need to consider her thoughts and preferences. Most importantly, you spend quality time with your godmother and ensure that she is aware that you care.