Any company that is based on deliveries knows that the management of their fleet is key to ensure the growth of the business and to raise benefits. previously fleet management was never an easy task. However, these days, there is a new tool that can help managers in this task, which is a van tracking software.

By installing a GPS device on each of their vehicles, the software accumulates information, enabling the manager to make better choices. Here is more on van tracking systems for fleet vehicles.

A Van Tracking System Raises Efficiency

When a van fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking system, the overall fleet operations become much more efficient. Since the fleet manager can see the location of all the vans in real time, they can re-route their drivers in order to pick-up or drop something (or someone), more rapidly.

Without GPS tracking, the fleet manager would need to request everyone’s position so that they could make an informed decision, which is a much longer process and not always 100% accurate.

The increase in efficiency raises the satisfaction rate of customers, which is bound to increase customer loyalty as well. This will also drive more positive reviews, which will positively influence the business, resulting in further growth. Read more on van tracking solutions.

fleet of vans
Effective fleet management on business vehicles can monitor driver performance and fuel consumption

A Van Tracking System Helps with Paperwork

A van tracking system helps with paperwork in a number of ways. One being that it provides accurate mileage data, which can be used to calculate and report on mileage for tax purposes. This means hours of work that are unnecessary anymore, but also a greater accuracy in mileage reporting. It also helps to be tax compliance in other ways, as the data on fuel consumption and vehicle usage can be transferred directly into the tax return.

It will also serve to claim tax deductions or rebates, and to comply with regulations such as the ones required by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Of course, the automation of the collection and reporting of this data saves time, which means increasing benefits, but it also reduces the risk of errors or of being non-compliant.

A Van Tracking System Helps Strategic Deployment of the Fleet

Fleet management software is able to create detailed reports on the use of each van or company cars. This includes trip and vehicle data. In the first case, it provides the manager with all the information on a given trip, from the moment it left to when it returns to base. It provides such data as the distance and duration, as well as the precise amount of time when the van was idle.

As for the vehicle data, it will indicate fuel efficiency, as well as the drivers’ use of the van, in regard to speeding or harsh breaking, to name only two of the info it keeps track of. By gathering all this information on each van and drivers that work for the company, the person in charge of the fleet can review the routes, in order to save on delivery time, as well as on all costs related to the fleet.