However, these students can stay in the United States for up to sixty days beyond the required time it takes to complete their academic program – except if they apply and are approved to remain and work for the time required under the OPT program. How can an F1 university or college student apply for an H-1 visa? Keep reading for full details.

h1b visa

Why an H-1B Visa?

This is a non-immigrant visa that permits American organizations to briefly employ workers with a degree in a specialty occupation that expected hypothetical and specialized expertise. Especially in key fields like IT(Information Technology), Science, Accounting, Math, Medicine, Finance, Architecture, and so on.

Individuals applying for an H-1 visa, as a rule, hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. On the off chance that you do not have a graduate level or a more elevated level you can show a degree course, that’s equivalent through work experience and other capabilities.

Foreign students in the US can likewise apply for an H1b visa if they have effectively gotten a bid for employment from a willing business. This supports them and helps them handle a wide range of costs.

Be that as it may, H1 visa sponsors are those businesses that often search for an experienced and exceptionally talented contender for a job in their organization. Foreign students in the US who have done OPT(optional training program) jobs for up to three years can find a new line of work. It offers them H1b sponsorship without any problem. The underlying time of OPT positions for foreign students is a year and it is extendable for two years on the off chance that the work and academic program of that understudy fall under these categories: Mathematics, Technology, Engineering, and Science.

H1b Visa I 797 Form

Key Documents Needed to Apply for an H-1 Visa

Meanwhile, unlike the H-1 visa, students may apply for a H1B visa if they meet certain conditions. However, below are some fundamental documents you need to prepare to get an H-1 Visa.

  • Original H1b Visa underwriting notice I-797 Form
  • The appeal for non-immigrant worker I-129
  • The letter of the arrangement plan
  • DS-160 standardized tag Confirmation
  • Employment check letter
  • H-1 characterization supplement to frame I-129
  • H-1 Visa appeal letter
  • H-1 information variety and recording charge exception supplement
  • Work condition application for H-1 and non-settlers
  • A bank statement for three consecutive months. Bank of America offers movement letters.
  • Paycheck for any event for the recent three months.

Process for an F1 visa to H1B visa Change of Status:

Most often, after you graduate with MBA or MS, you will begin to search for a potential company that sponsors an H-1 visa. This company can enlist you full-time as well as help you file an H-1 visa for you.

OPT (optional training program) is given to foreign students to show these potential backers that you have what it takes. Many of these employers need to perceive how you work as well as your abilities for a few months before they take decisions to recruit you full-time. They will likewise your work visa. It’s expected that you have OPT/EAD Card close by and working for a company.

Is OPT Job Program Compulsory Before Applying for an H-1 Visa as A Foreign Student?

It is not necessary. Once you get a job offer from any American employer, you can proceed with your application for an H-1 visa. This is because the Visa is employment-based.

OPT(optional training program) and STEM OPT jobs will give you three years. With it, you can legally work in the United States. Therefore, it’s an added benefit to foreign students in the country.


Foreign students can take advantage of the H-1 visa. It offers the opportunity to work and stay in the US. The H-1 visa is also like a passage when applying for permanent resident status or a Green Card of the United States as a foreign student. To obtain permanent status as a foreign student in the US, also get ready for the H-1 job interviews to secure a job. Again, if an extension of more years is what you seek, the H-1 visa is also a valid solution. Finally, you reach out to a travel agency for help too.

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