The clothes you wear are often a good indication of who you are. If someone continuously shows up with wrinkled shirts and jeans that have lost their colours, then it is easy to imagine how he or she handles housework as well, amongst other things. If you really want to take care of your clothes, and look good every time you step outside your house, here are a few things that you should always do.

Follow the care Label Instructions

Those among you, that sew clothes for others, know how important that part is. If your customers come back saying that they washed it once and it came out of the machine completely wasted, then it is time for you to place care labels by Wunderlabel, on your creations. In any case, if there is a care label, it means you have to follow the instructions, in order to keep your clothes in the state that you bought them. Otherwise, you could find yourself with foulards turned into mush and beautiful lingerie losing their satiny touch.

washing care instructions

Sort Clothes before washing

Some people belief that once you have separated the clothes by colours, you are all set to start washing them. However, separating clothes also means looking at the material they are made of. Certain pieces of your closet are considered delicates and should go into a separate load, as well. Also, sorting colours doesn’t just mean dark vs light. To do the laundry the right way, you need to do four piles: White, pastels and medium-toned, bright and dark. Finally, don’t mix extremely dirty clothes to regular daily wear and keep the kitchen textiles all together, in one washing (table cloth and dishwashing cloth).

Treat Stains Immediately

Although there are products that you can buy to treat stain, the best solution is to take the clothes to the cleaners, when it is stained. They know exactly what product to use in all situations, and they keep them in store. Most importantly: DO NOT try to wash them first, by yourself. Leave as is and go to their location, as soon as possible. However, if you decide to handle it, then do it right away if you are home, or as soon as you get back. Just make sure you use the right product for it.

How to Care for Your Clothes

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out

If you want to keep your clothes looking as new as can be, by keeping their colour and feel intact, then you need to wash them inside out. That goes for every piece of clothes that you own, but if you don’t want to take the time for all washing, do it at least for your jeans. They are particularly sensible in terms of colour loss.

Don’t overload the Dryer

The last thing that you want is to keep the clothes longer than they need to be, inside a dryer. Although it is a great tool that renders your clothes softer than a clothing line, it also literally eats them up, one fibre at a time. By overloading your dryer, it will take much longer for them to be ready to take out, which will ruin them furthermore, each time.