If you suffer from clammy hands which are only exacerbated in social situations, then you are not alone. 3% of the population suffer from a condition called Palmar Hyperhidrosis with creates extreme sweating in hands, feet, face, underarms, thighs and groin.

And of course, shaking hands with sweaty palms can create anxiety and embarrassment, so it’s natural to seek a cure to treat excessive hand sweating much like we do with underarm deodorant.

The best short-term fix is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser which in the current climate is well accepted in society. Baby wipes are another quick fix that won’t raise eyebrows if seen in your handbag.

Knowing the cause

In order to get rid of clammy hands, you need to know what causes excessive sweating. This is why it is important to read more and educate yourself on the subject in order to tackle the problem at an appropriate level. Sweaty hands can either be hereditary or can be induced by other factors, such as stress. Knowing if the problem is more of a medical one or a psychological one is very important for getting a treatment that will work long-term.

And there could be other factors like eating spicy foods and increased body temperature.

Hyperhidrosis wet hand from sweat syndrome


Antiperspirants are very important for removing of acute sweating that can happen at any time. Hand deodorant is available, which works in the same way as the standard underarm version by blocking the sweat glands.

Avoid gloves

Gloves can induce even more sweating due to heat and lack of air.  When you need to wear gloves due to your job, make sure to wear them only when you need them. Take breaks from wearing them and wash your hands afterward. Too much sweating while wearing gloves can lead to some nasty fungal infestations, so make sure to limit wearing them.

feeling awkward due to sweaty hands

Alterative Remedies

Sage leaves are natural remedies that have a proven ability to stop excessive sweating and the German health authorities have even approved the effectiveness.

You can take sage extracts as supplements and even drinking sage tea is recommended. This is a more thorough way, but you can also use them when you start sweating by putting dried sage leaves in a cloth and carry them with you. 

Other homemade solutions are baking soda and apple cider vinegar which are alkaline and address the pH imbalance and can eliminate further sweating.

Failing having these handy, baby powder would absorb sweat and extra moisture.


Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest causes of sweaty hands, which must be solved on a phycological level. By going to therapy, you can deal with the root cause of mental issues which can help you deal with social situations better. This is not a quick fix, but may increase your overall quality of life.

Medical intervention

You may want to contact a healthcare professional if you have ongoing issues with uncontrollable sweating. Underlying medical conditions could be the reason so it’s good to understand if this is the case.