We are not all built for the outdoors or extreme weather but exercise and being close to nature is good for your mind and body, and a great way to relax and switch off from the stress of daily life.

Of course, we don’t all have a huge collection of outdoor clothing to be prepared for the elements so some shopping might be needed. And always check the weather forecast and be prepared for any change. And remember, the best outfit for hiking should prioritise comfort over style.

So here are my tips for fashionable hikers, from a Scot who loves to look good even while hiking the highlands.

1.    Choose Hiking Boots and Shoes Over Normal Shoes

Hiking shoes and boots are suitable for protecting your feet and providing support on uneven terrain, so they’re a much better choice than regular shoes for extra grip. Quality hiking boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry even if the trail is wet or muddy.

Purchase these with waterproofing in mind to ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable no matter what weather conditions you encounter. In addition, make sure that you have enough room inside the boot for sock liners, toe socks, or any other foot coverings that might be necessary, depending on the hike you take.

If you don’t like the styles available or the fit, you should at least wear trail running shoes.

good walking boots

2.    Layer in Style (including rain jacket)

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s also an opportunity to show off your style. By layering your fashionable hiking clothes, you can create a stylish and functional look. You can start with a base layer such as long underwear or leggings, then add one or two pieces of your favourite wardrobe items over the top like a nice t-shirt for that extra pizzazz in the pictures. For example, if you want to wear jeans while hiking on a cold day, put them on over the long underwear or at least have some layers in your bag for any temperature drop.

If you’re planning strenuous activities during the hike, such as climbing up steep hills, consider wearing layers like shorts over leggings and a zip up fleece jacket. A Flannelette shirt is perfect for when you need something a little bit warmer. It’s not too thick, so it won’t be uncomfortable to sweat in and will keep you warm enough without overheating. And don’t forget the matching sports bra for that extra support.

Consider how windy the weather might be before deciding what type of fabric clothes to wear. Wool is good because it provides warmth without trapping in heat. Keep yourself dry and warm by layering up in waterproofs and thermal layers, which will keep you warm and dry (even when damp).

3.    Play With Prints

One way to ensure you look good while hiking is by playing with prints. You can wear a printed top with solid bottoms, or vice versa. Wearing a printed scarf is also a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Hiking-inspired prints are also big this season, so take advantage of them and keep the fashionista in you happy!

Whether custom, handmade, or store-bought, it’s always nice to get creative with your hiking outfit. Remember that there are many different ways you can play with colours and prints when getting dressed for a hike, so experiment with what works best for you to enjoy the benefits of hiking!

Tips for Fashionable Hikers

4.    Watch Out for That Sunlight in Style

Sunlight can be very harsh on your skin, especially if you’re not used to it. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin, and don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you have sensitive skin, consider wearing long sleeves and yoga pants to cover up as much as possible. Whether bucket hats, marmot hats or fedoras are your things, plenty of options will keep the sun off your face while still looking stylish.

5.    Accessorize (Without Jewellery)

No matter how good your hiking gear is, you won’t look your best if you don’t accessorize properly. A few essentials can make all the difference. Pairing simple clothes with bold accessories is a great way to get your style fix without breaking the bank on new cute hiking outfits; add a colourful headband or fun sunglasses for an instant update without sacrificing comfort. Remember that you’ve to feel comfortable to look good; you won’t look fashionable in the congratulative selfies if you’re miserable!

Whether classic blade hats, beanies, or trendy caps are your style, there’s something for everyone in this category. If sun protection is high on your list of priorities, explore a variety of lightweight, ventilated styles, including bucket and wide-brimmed hats perfect for fishing enthusiasts and golfers alike. However, avoiding jewellery that could snag on underbrush during your hike is crucial. Necklaces and bracelets will get caught quickly, so remove them before hitting the trail.

6.    Glow In the Dark for Night Hikes

Let’s face it; you want to look your best while on the trails. But what about when night falls, and you’re stuck hiking trails in the dark? No need to worry; there are still ways to look good! Here are a few tips to help you keep your style intact when hiking after sunset. First, make sure that your clothes are reflective so that cars can see you coming from miles away – neon colours work great! Second, add some flair with bright colours or patterns; they’ll stand out at night.

Also, ensure your pack is easy to spot from afar so you don’t have to search for it after sundown. Reflective hiking equipment, like jackets, hats, and boots, is also a safety precaution. Additionally, carrying a small flashlight with you for reading maps in the dark may be helpful. And of course, never forget your first aid kit! If possible, hike with friends or family members who can serve as an extra set of eyes if something goes wrong during night-time.

Also it’s essential that you are prepared for a potential dramatic drop in temperature when the sun goes down, and it’s worth always packing a warm waterproof coat that can take the chill off if required.

7.    Invest in a Cute and Practical Backpack and an Adorable Water Bottle

A good backpack is a key to a great hike, whether you’re hitting the trails or running errands. But it’s not just about function; your backpack should also be stylish (as long as it has enough space to pack those essentials). There are plenty of attractive options, but don’t sacrifice functionality as zip pockets come in handy.

As for water bottles, bringing a re-useable one from home rather than use single-use plastics. It’s always good to bring litter home.


Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air in the great outdoors, but knowing how to dress practically for the occasion and still look fashionable can be difficult. After all, you want to be comfortable while hiking but don’t want to fully sacrifice your sense of style. These tips will help you look great and functional while hiking. However, ensure you take care of the most important thing – safety!