Ladies who golf is a growing trend, and hitting the links is becoming as popular as the spa (can you imagine both girls?). But the task of organizing an event that is enjoyable and memorable requires careful planning. With the right knowledge of what to look for, a golfing trip can be an experience that will be cherished by all involved. This article outlines the steps necessary to create a memorable ladies golf break.

Organizing a perfect ladies golf holiday begins with selecting the ideal destination. This includes researching potential locations and assessing their amenities, such as golf courses, accommodation and dining options. Additionally, considering budget restrictions ensures that the holiday does not exceed financial expectations.

Finally, creating an itinerary which takes into account the needs of all participants is essential for ensuring a successful trip. The itinerary should include tee times, transportation arrangements and other activities that may interest those on the journey. By following these steps, a wonderful ladies golf holiday can be realized.

woman having fun on ladies golf holiday
Female golfer on vacation

Decide On A Destination

To ensure that the trip is as successful and enjoyable as possible, selecting the right destination is key. Ladies golf holidays abroad provide an exciting opportunity for women to experience new cultures, explore different courses, and relax with friends. As such, it is essential to decide on a destination which can meet these needs.

Depending on the group’s preferences, some may opt for locations closer to home while others may be looking for more exotic destinations to double up as a sunshine break. Researching options such as the climate or terrain of particular courses will help in making an informed decision when booking a trip, especially when factoring in budget availability and time constraints of the group

In order to best plan a successful trip it is important to carefully research the pros and cons of each potential location before making any commitments. Doing this will ensure that all participants can enjoy their time away exploring different courses whilst having access to other amenities such as restaurants and nightlife if desired.

Consider Budget & Timeframe

When planning your trip, it is essential to consider budget and timeframe. Ladies’ golf breaks costs range from the price of travel to equipment rental fees. The timeframe should be taken into account as simply the longer you go, the higher the total figure will be. It is important to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover all expenses associated with the trip.

Additionally, any additional costs such as food or accommodation should also be factored into the budget. Also, it is important to consider how much time will be dedicated to playing golf during the break; this will help determine if more expensive activities can be included in the itinerary.

ladies playing golf
Lady golfers on the golf course

Research Golf Courses & Accommodations

Researching the right golf course and accommodations should be the first step in planning the perfect golf break for ladies. It is essential to research golf courses that suit the preferences of everyone involved in the holiday. Suitable accommodation is just as important; ensuring that there are quality facilities such as spas or swimming pools available or even accommodation that provides a view of the surrounding area can make all the difference.

The internet is an invaluable resource during this stage of planning a ladies golf holiday, making it easier than ever before to find reviews, ratings, and photographs of prospective golf courses and accommodation options.

Visiting websites such as TripAdvisor can give insight into customer experiences at certain establishments, which could be invaluable in making decisions about where to stay and play. It might also be beneficial to contact local tourism offices or even resort staff to gain more information about their services and offerings.

Plan Out Transportation

Planning with adequate time is essential for ensuring that the holiday runs smoothly. One must consider the various modes of transportation available, such as cars, buses, and airplanes.

When considering cars, you should assess whether it is more cost-effective to rent a vehicle or use a personal vehicle for the duration of the holiday. This can involve examining estimated miles travelled, petrol requirements, and any additional fees that are incurred when renting a car. While using personal vehicles may be more convenient and cost-effective in certain cases.

Buses provide another viable option if there is a bus route that services the area of travel. It is important to research which services are available as well as schedules and fares in advance to ensure transportation needs can be met during the trip. Additionally, when travelling with a larger group of people it may be more cost-effective to book a private charter bus versus individual tickets on public buses.

Finally, flying may also be an option depending on the distance and timing requirements for the trip. Although typically more expensive than other means of transport, flying can often save time when covering longer distances between destinations quickly.

When researching flights, it is important to compare prices from different airlines as well as consider additional baggage fees that may apply when travelling with golf clubs or other sports equipment.

golf course in sunshine
Women can enjoy golf too

Book Tee Times

The best way to go about booking tee times is to do research online. Checking out different golf courses and comparing their fees and amenities can give a better idea of which course would be best suited for the group’s needs. It is also important to read reviews of other golfers who have used the course before to make sure it meets expectations.

Once you have selected a few courses that look promising, contact them directly in order to secure your preferred tee times. Make sure you discuss any special requests with the staff such as food or beverage catering that may be needed while playing on the course. Many courses offer discounts or packages so ask about those as well.

It is also helpful to inquire about any restrictions such as age limits, dress codes, or payment methods so that everyone in your group is aware before they arrive on site.

Create An Itinerary

With careful planning and diligent research, the process of planning golf holidays for ladies can be relatively painless. Creating an itinerary is a crucial step in any successful holiday.

A carefully crafted itinerary will ensure that everyone involved has a memorable experience. Each day should be planned to maximize enjoyment for everyone involved, as well as incorporating enough time for relaxation. Start by deciding which activities the group would like to partake in and then allocate appropriate amounts of time for each activity.

Consider factors such as travel times between attractions, weather conditions, and personal preferences when making these decisions. For instance, if one member of the group prefers shopping over sightseeing, then it may be beneficial to plan more shopping-related activities around that particular interest.

The next step is to come up with a feasible budget for the holiday. Estimate how much money will need to be spent on each activity and plan meals accordingly; this could include eating out at restaurants or pre-planning picnic sandwiches for an outdoor excursion.

It is also important to consider potential unforeseen expenses such as transportation delays or medical emergencies; having an emergency fund set aside could save you from financial strain if anything unexpected arises during the trip.

Prepare For Different Weather Conditions

Researching the weather conditions of the golf resort location is key when planning your holiday. Taking into account average temperatures and rainfall throughout the year can help determine what type of clothing and gear should be packed for the trip.

Additionally, researching wind patterns can provide insight into how clubs should be chosen for each hole. Knowing how to dress appropriately for different weather conditions is essential for an enjoyable trip as well as for achieving maximum performance on the course.

It may also be beneficial to check out online forums or reviews from other travellers who have visited the same destination before making any final decisions about what gear or clothing to bring on the trip.

This could provide valuable information from experienced golfers who are familiar with the local weather patterns at that particular location. By preparing in advance, you can ensure that your golf vacation will run smoothly regardless of changing weather conditions.


Golfing is a great way to have a fun and relaxing girlie holiday. Planning the perfect ladies golf holidays requires careful consideration of various factors including budget, timeframe, and transportation. When planning, it is important to research golf courses and accommodations to ensure the best possible experience for all participants.

Tee times should be booked ahead of time in order to maximize time on the course. Dining options should also be researched before arrival. Finally, an itinerary should be created that allows for flexibility in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen changes.

Advance planning will help ensure that everyone has a great time enjoying their favourite sport while exploring a new destination. Taking the time upfront will pay dividends in terms of making sure that everyone involved can make the most out of their golfing experience without having to worry about any hiccups along the way.