It’s time to think about sprucing up your garden for the warmer months – in the hope of spending more time outside, relaxing, and enjoying the season.

If your outdoor space is in need of a spruce up then here are just a few tips to help you refresh it for 2024.

DIY garden decor

If you don’t have an awful lot of time or money then one way of making some changes is to make some DIY garden decor.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can really get creative. For instance, why not build an area for plant storage? Materials cost very little from reputable builders merchants and you can create a personalised space that’s unique to your own tastes. You could even build some raised beds for growing your own fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Visit local second-hand shops or charity stores and see if you can spot a bargain or two that can be upcycled for plant pot storage, too – old wooden or metal furniture can be given a lick of paint and used to make attractive features for showing off your outdoor plants and shrubs.

If you’re a fan of al fresco dining, why not build a space that will house your barbecue and provide somewhere to sit out, even if the weather is less than kind.

people eating al fresco in garden

Update your garden furniture

It’s a simple trick but one that makes a real difference – updating or upcycling your garden furniture.

This can make your garden look like a completely different space. If you’re buying new – why not consider a bistro set, for a real touch of French elegance? It’ll give your garden that air of quaintness and provide plenty of seating for family and friends too. Perfect for outdoor days when the focus is perhaps on a barbecue and some convivial gatherings.

Benches are a great way to add a farmhouse feel to a garden and provide a lovely spot to rest your legs after a hard day pruning and weeding. Perfect to sit and relax with a cuppa or glass of rose. They’re a brilliantly compact way of adding seating – whilst saving room too and need minimal maintenance, provided they’re covered up in the colder months.

Buy a garden mirror

One chi-chi trend that’s really taken off is garden mirrors. They’re a fantastic way to make a smaller garden space look instantly bigger and as they come in a real variety of styles, it’s easy to find one that will fit into your aesthetic.

Source vintage ones from antique shops if your tastes are retro – but try and opt for ones with metal embellishments and frames rather than wood – unless you want to spend a lot of time upcycling them with waterproof paint or varnish.

If your tastes are more minimal in style then you could opt for a ‘window mirror’ which – in a small space – really will make it look like you’ve got a massive garden with lots of room. They’re a great optical illusion.

Three great ideas to add some style and elegance to your garden in 2024!