Keeping your neighbourhood safe is a priority for all homeowners – it makes everyone feel more comfortable and happy in their homes. Especially in today’s day and age when safety is more of an issue than ever before for residents, neighbourhood safety is a proactive solution to help people feel safer and make your neighbourhood a safer place too.

There is Safety in Community

People used to be able to leave their doors unlocked and kids would play in the streets with no worries. But things have changed unfortunately, and with crime rising in residential areas meaning that people have to worry more about the security of their homes.

But feelings of anxiety surrounding your family’s safety don’t have to be suffered alone. Everyone wants to stay safe, and implementing some neighbourhood safety measures with other members of the community can help you to feel better and more safe in your area.

Neighbourhood Safety Measures to Consider

  1. Speed Awareness

One of the biggest risks to safety in residential areas is when people drive too fast. Pedestrians, school children and elderly people are vulnerable to speeding vehicles in their neighbourhoods, which can cause accidents. A solution to this could be by installing speed bumps on roads to prevent speeding. This will force drivers to slow down as they are driving through your neighbourhood and reduce the likelihood of damages being caused to properties or injuries to pedestrians. 

  1. speed safety Put Out Signage

Another safety issue for residents is burglary. Deterring thieves from your area can be tricky, but one of the best ways to do so is by making it clear that your neighbours are looking out for each other. For example, neighbourhood watch flyers and signs in your area and posted in people’s windows can deter thieves, and make people feel safer.  

  1. Maintain and Protect Your Property

Another way to boost neighbourhood safety is to effectively maintain and protect your property. When people take care of their houses, it makes it clear to any potential intruders or thieves that they will have a difficult job of causing any damage or trouble. You can install preventative measures such as parking bollards and gates to physically protect your property too. When lots of people in your neighbourhood do this, it makes your neighbourhood a safer place by making it a much more difficult target. 

  1. Surveillance Measures

Lastly, surveillance measures are another important way to keep your neighbourhood safe. This is possibly the number one deterrent for thieves and intruders as there is always evidence should they try to damage your property. You can do this through things like CCTV cameras and lighting to increase visibility in your neighbourhood. 

Cameras on your property will often cover the street or possibly even parts of your neighbours’ properties, so if there are any problems with them, you could even help them out with your CCTV footage. Having these measures in place also makes people feel safer when they are walking around your neighbourhood. 

Neighbourhood safety can be difficult to manoeuvre, but there are lots of things that you can do to help people feel safer in their neighbourhood and homes.