Planning a Friends Reunion

Planning a friends reunion? For many, it has been a long time since the whole friendship group has got together and feels like the popular TV show who literally waited 17 years for a reunion! While it has not been quite this long, it has still been far too long for many people and you will want to arrange something fun for you all to do. With this in mind, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Host a Game Night

It is hard to go wrong with a game night with a group of friends as this will always be great fun, especially when you are playing a game like Cards Against Humanity. Games night can be hosted from the comfort of your own home or garden now that the sun is slowly peaking through.

Go Stargazing

With the weather improving and restrictions lifting, it definitely feels like the start of a new era and you could celebrate this by going camping and stargazing with your group. You could jump on a train to any of the brilliant camping locations up and down the country where you can enjoy quality time with your friends in the great outdoors and spend time catching up on stories over the last year.

escape roomVisit an Escape Room

Escape rooms were all the rage prior to the pandemic, and they can certainly be a fun activity to do as a group as you all have to work together in a tense yet fun environment. There are also all kinds of different themed escape rooms to choose from, so it should not be too challenging to find one that your group will enjoy doing together.

At-Home Spa Day

Another option if you or any of the group do not feel like venturing out (keep in mind that many are still being cautious) is to have an at-home spa day. These have been incredibly stressful and difficult times, so splashing out on beauty treatments and enjoying a day simply of pampering and enjoying your friend’s company could be the best way to start this new era.

Go to the Pub

When in doubt, the pub is always a good option. The pub can be great fun in good weather with friends and there should be a joyous atmosphere throughout the summer – keep in mind that you may need to book as it is likely to get busy!

Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for activities that you can do with your friends and allow you to reconnect after such a difficult, stressful, and challenging period for all. A friends reunion could be exactly what you all need.