Mother’s Day occurs on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and it’s a date that is special not just to mums but also to their families. Let’s face it – it’s fun to find gifts for Mum every year because we all realise how special mothers are and how much they do for us all year long.

The thing is that if you want to honour this special lady in a unique way, you should know that there are numerous ways to do so, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful at it.

mothers day flowers as a gift
Flowers are a favourite gift for mothers day

What Does Mum Want?

The truth is that most mothers are not picky about what they receive from their families because they just want their families around them on that special day. Nevertheless, most spouses and children consider it important to do something special on Mother’s Day for their wives or mothers, and this is where a little creativity becomes so important.

Even if you decide to buy a simple gift such as flowers, you can easily choose a unique flower that suits Mum’s personality and something that lasts a while depending on where you live. Let’s take a look at a handful of other gifts that your Mum will likely be surprised to get on this special day.

1. A Family Montage

Above all else, mothers love pictures and videos of their children, so if you make a video or collage made up of tons of pictures from years gone by, she is bound to love it. If the pictures are old, you can usually bring them to a place that will place them on a flash drive for you so you can use them either in pictures or a video. You can get quite creative with this project, and it’s something that she’ll always cherish.

mothers day homemade present
Homemade presents are often well received

2. A Handwritten Poem or homemade artwork

Mothers love anything that their children make or come up with on their own, so if you sit down and write a poem just for you Mum, it is something she’ll keep forever. Even if you’re not a writer, just put your heart into it and you’ll come up with something touching and unique in the end.

Writing a special poem for a special person isn’t nearly as difficult as you think. To make it look even better, frame it in a nice frame or even a frame that has your handprints or fingerprints on it.

3. A Book on Mum’s Life

Most people have photos of their parents from when they were young, and Mum will love a homemade book that contains a bevy of pictures from her life, which should include a wedding photo and photos of the birth of each of her children. Decorate the pages for an even better design, and the more pictures you include in the booklet, the more she’ll love it.

4. A Tree or Bush for the Garden

Finding unique Mother’s Day flowers from Direct2florist or a similar florist should always be part of your present, but you can also include a fruit tree or rose bush for your garden. This is something that Mum will be able to tend to and watch grow from a small plant to a gigantic tree or bush. Even better, she’ll think about you every time she does so!

5. A Tea Party

A tea party is something that Mum is certain to love, especially if there are several daughters in the family. You can plan to have the party in your home or in a restaurant or other facility that offers this type of event. The latter might be easier for you, but the former could actually be more fun depending on how much time you put into it.