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As a breastfeeding mother in the UK, there was a time when my daily pinnacle of tranquillity involved cradling my sleeping baby, my gaze drifting across the autumnal tapestry outside, serenaded by a gentle symphony of raindrops against the windowpane, a warm cup of tea in hand. This peaceful interlude, however, reached new heights with the introduction of the M5 wearable breast pump into my dynamic routine. Its practicality and convenience are beyond compare, revolutionizing my pumping journey. Oh, how I longed for this discovery sooner!

Light as a feather at just 230g and compact, at merely two-thirds the size of its conventional counterparts, the pump is almost imperceptible when worn.

We opted for the holiday park nearest to our residence. Come morning, I was bustling about, orchestrating an exciting weekend getaway. I packed a thermos, its warmth seeping through my fingers, brimming with the calming allure of chamomile tea. Accompanying it was a medley of delicacies: crisp cucumber sandwiches, freshly-baked scones still warm to the touch, succulent chicken goujons, and a vibrant selection of hand-picked fruits.

Frankly, since stepping into the realm of motherhood, every outing was overshadowed by a veil of apprehension. I dabbled with an array of breast pumps, each foray concluding in subtle disappointment. Yet, it wasn’t until my encounter with Momcozy that I found an ally. Today, it stands as an unwavering pillar of support, becoming an indispensable companion in my maternal journey.

woman using breast pump

Upon our arrival at the park, my little Noah awoke, famished. We hastily sought a peaceful spot underneath a canopy of trees. Incredibly, unlike other devices, the Momcozy M5 achieves genuinely pain-free extraction, having mastered the precise lateral suction angle — mirroring an infant’s natural feeding motion rather than the harsh, vertical tug typical of its counterparts.

Pumping with the Momcozy is mostly a delight, akin to a gentle “flutter feed.” I can simply recline and relish the moment, accompanied by the soft symphonies of the wilderness. Once feeding concluded, we spread a cosy picnic blanket, unfurled an array of scrumptious delicacies, and basked in the joy of mutual company, all while the gentle breeze rustles through the trees.

For a breastfeeding mother in the UK, the epitome of joy crystallizes in these precious moments, where necessity and comfort blend seamlessly into a symphony of bliss.

We ambled along the pathways, discovering birds making their homes within the nooks of an aged lamp post. When my little Noah felt the pangs of hunger, I could seamlessly nurse him through Momcozy. Devoid of cumbersome wires or the worry of leaks, its compact design nestled discreetly within my bra, allowing the freedom to pump even as we continued our unhurried saunter. This unobtrusive convenience did not lessen our ability to drink in the picturesque beauty enveloping us. Each step was a continuation of our journey, uninterrupted, as we immersed ourselves in the simple serenity of our surroundings.

As we strolled, I couldn’t help but notice the challenges other nursing mothers faced. Eager to share my own positive experience, I sang praises of the Momcozy wearable breast pump. Their expressions shifted from incredulity to wonder as they grasped the potential of Momcozy’s innovation. They began to see a horizon adorned with Momcozy, where the dance between professional endeavours and daily responsibilities found a harmonious rhythm.

As evening descends and daylight gracefully recedes, the world is bathed in a sublime glow. As we retreat to our lodging, letting go of the day’s weariness, I’m reminded of the unwavering support Momcozy products have offered. They seamlessly blend into the evening, easing nightly routines and bestowing comfort. Immersed in the warmth of my hot tub, I find myself gazing upwards, with every shimmering star in the vast expanse drawing closer, punctuating the night with its brilliance.

After my inaugural encounter with Momcozy, my enthusiasm to explore more of what this brand offered surged. Delightfully, ‘Stand Up For Mums’, Momcozy’s comedy show, is poised to grace the stage of the iconic downtown Soho Theatre in London on November 19th. This comedic spectacle delves into the joys, trials, and the many shades in between of motherhood. Impressively, it is offered free for London parents and parents-to-be. Act quick to secure one of the event’s 100 free lucky seats to enjoy an afternoon filled with laughs, insights, and community. Interested attendees can register HERE.


Breastfeeding, while magical for many women, often presents a journey riddled with challenges. Amidst the sleep-deprived nights, profound bodily changes, and a rollercoaster of hormonal shifts, the relentless pursuit to nourish and sustain one’s baby can amplify emotions in unprecedented ways.

For those constantly on the move, unwilling to pause their rhythm to pump, the M5 wearable breast pump becomes an invaluable ally. It empowers mothers to pump from virtually anywhere — with discretion, silence, and without changing out of your normal bra. This subtle integration into daily life can make all the difference, turning the ordinary into extraordinary and redefining the nursing experience for UK mothers.