We have all been in that situation when we are getting ready to go out, whether to pick the kids up from school, visiting family, going for a dog walk or just heading out with friends and we have no idea what the weather is going to do.

At this time of year in late Spring as well as early Autumn, the weather can be some changeable that the decision on your outerwear becomes crucial to your enjoyment of the activity that lies ahead.

Do you go for style over substance, a big coat or a warm small jacket, warm over cool? Well there has and always be an alternative that encompasses all those big questions.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you know the importance of appropriate clothing and equipment for each season. In such situations, you require apparel that is versatile and functional.

Hence, a softshell jacket is your solution! They are incredible adaptability, lightweight, low-maintenance, and breathability make a flexible softshell jacket an excellent alternative for all-year-round apparel, making them indispensable for any outdoor adventurer and gentle stroller alike.

However, to ensure that you get high-quality, branded and authentic softshell jackets, you should browse the range and purchase them online through reputed platforms like Engelbert Strauss, Europe’s leading utility and workwear brand, which boasts the milestone of making over 1 billion sales in 2019.

The Strauss brand has been in operation since 1948 and started as a workwear company producing brooms and brushes but has added to its extensive range of workwear including gloves, trouser and of course, women and men’s softshell jackets. So much so that the brand is the authorized partner of the German national football team and the European giants, FC Bayern Munich.

A lady wearing a pink soft shell jacket
All the colours of the rainbow can be found in this breathable jacket

What Makes Softshell Jackets Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Softshell jackets are typically comprised of a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex. The hybrid of these materials enables breathability and water resistance, making them suited for a wide variety of weather conditions. They are also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, allowing them to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities such as trekking, running, cycling, skiing, climbing, and camping.

Softshell jackets also have a lot of movement and flexibility so that you may move around freely and comfortably throughout any activity. This is due to their flexible materials, which provide a pleasant, form-fitting sensation while allowing movement. They are also often portable and packable, making them convenient to transport while on the go.

Softshell jackets are available in a selection of various styles, sizes and designs, enabling you to select the best jacket for your personal needs and preferences. Much like the safety shoes, which are ideal for hiking, cycling, and camping, there is a softshell jacket for every occasion, from minimal styles to more trendy options for everyday use.

How Do Softshell Jackets Protect From Different Weather?

One of the critical benefits of softshell jackets is their versatility. They are appropriate for all seasons and can be worn in various weather conditions. They give comfort and protection in cold weather; in warm weather, they shield from sunlight and wind without overheating. Because of their versatility and breathability, they are an ideal alternative for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. Throughout the day, you may encounter a variety of weather conditions.

Softshell clothes have the added benefit of being water resistant. While not completely waterproof, they can withstand light rain and snow during winter without becoming soaked. This makes them a good choice for a multitude of activities such as trekking, hiking, climbing, walking and backpacking, where you may encounter unusual situations. Furthermore, several softshell jackets include a water-repellent glaze that boosts its capacity to keep you dry in damp circumstances.

Softshell Jackets are water resistant
Softshell Jackets are water resistant

What Features Make Softshell Jackets Ideal For Outdoors?

Softshell is a versatile fabric composed of laminated membrane layers. Softshell jackets are ideal for outdoor and indoor uses because of the breathable membrane layers. For instance, the outermost layer repels wind and water, while the inner layer keeps the user warm. The inner layer is also ventilated and carries moisture to the exterior. This is crucial for maintaining an appropriate body temperature during outdoor activities because it minimizes overheating and perspiration.

In addition, many softshell jackets have ventilation mechanisms, such as zippered vents, enabling you to regulate your temperature further. Furthermore, anti-microbial coatings are applied to several types of softshell jackets for the same reasons, keeping the wearer smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Final Thought

Softshell jackets are the ideal casual, all-season style apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. Their adaptability, mobility, and weather resistance make them an excellent choice for any activity that requires comfort and protection from the elements. Due to its breathable high endurance and low maintenance requirements of this jacket, it is an investment you will relish.