Going through a divorce is tough and this will always be an emotional time. Although it will be a lot for you to go through, you must always prioritize your kids as this can be particularly distressing for them. So, what can you do to support your kids during a divorce?

The Emotional Impact

First, you need to consider the emotional impact of the divorce on your kids. From their perspective, their entire world is being turned upside down and the psychological effects of divorce on a child can be serious and long term. Every child and situation is different, but there are ways to reduce the psychological impact of a divorce that will hopefully help.

The First Year is the Toughest

You also need to understand that the first year is the toughest and things usually improve after this for your kids. The first year is the toughest because this is when all of the change will occur and it can take some time for kids to adjust to any big or small changes in their life. Keep in mind that things will get easier over time and find the best ways to support your kids during this difficult period.

supporting children in divorceHow to Support Kids

So, how can you support your kids during a divorce? There are many ways that you can do this and you need to keep them at the forefront of your mind. One of the most important pieces of advice is to respect and acknowledge their emotions. Kids will go through a range of emotions during this time, including anxiety, anger, stress and confusion.

Co-Parent Peacefully

It is also vital that you co-parent peacefully. No matter the reason for the divorce, your children will always love you both so you need to be civil and avoid arguments or badmouthing one another in front of the kids. It is also important to seek family law lawyers that will be able to advise on how to co-parent peacefully.

Get Professional Help

Children are incredibly perceptive and are sure to notice changes in you during the divorce. This is why it is so important that you look after yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling, this should involve seeking professional help that will help you to manage and could make it easier for your kids.

Monitor Adolescents Closely

Young kids are easy to read and this can make them easier to manage during a divorce. Teens and adolescents are not quite as easy and can often take the divorce harder, which can sometimes lead to behavioural issues. Therefore, you need to monitor them closely and try to support them as best you can.

If you are contemplating Divorce, it is never easy and can be traumatic for kids. This post should help you to support your children and start to build a positive new life.