Charity fundraising is incredibly important for a number of reasons, and it isn’t something that you should dismiss just because it isn’t your priority or because you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Instead, here are some of the reasons why charity fundraising should be at the top of your to-do list in 2023 and beyond.

Charity Fundraising for dementia
Don’t forget to donate to charities close to your heart

It Helps Charities to Function

Although you might think that charities have a lot of money to their names, this isn’t the case. Instead, charities rely on gifts and fundraising for the vast majority of their income unless they’re able to get a grant from the government or another organisation. This means that whatever money you donate to them will be used to help them run their business, including running campaigns, making upgrades and renovations, performing administration work, paying their staff, and, most importantly, helping those in need.

Without your fundraising efforts, the charities that you love won’t be able to continue to do the work that you’re so passionate about, leaving some people without the support that they so desperately need. This means that you should look out for ideas for fundraising that grab your attention and that you believe that you’ll be able to implement.

It Raises Awareness

It’s also important to collect money for charity as this will give you the chance to raise awareness of their cause and work. Although some larger charities are famous and get a lot of donations each year, there are many smaller non-profits that barely anyone has heard of that carry out work that is just as important, on an even smaller budget. These are often local charities that help those in their immediate vicinity rather than on a national scale.

By getting out there and trying to raise money, you’ll be also helping new people to hear about the efforts of your favourite charity, and they may go on to follow this charity’s work and raise money themselves.

sponsored runners raising money for charity
Fun Runs are a great activity to do with friends to raise money for good causes

It Brings Communities Together

Charity fundraising can also bring communities together in pursuit of a common goal, and this is especially the case if the charity is community-based or if you’re raising money specifically to help someone who lives within your community.

By doing things like hosting a Macmillan coffee morning, you’ll be able to meet and connect with new people, create a sense of positivity and togetherness, and ensure that you’re able to raise money for a deserving charity much more quickly than you would normally be able to.

It Motivates Charity Volunteers

When a charity has the funds that it needs to thrive, the people who volunteer and work for that charity are likely to stay motivated and will be able to carry out their work to the best of their ability without being restricted. They’ll also be able to be paid and supported well, which can contribute to their enthusiasm and enable them to give more time to the cause. This can help the charity in question to operate effectively and efficiently.