The world of interior decorating is a fast moving one, as trends rise and fall it can be hard to keep track of what is currently in style and what is old news. Nowhere is this more true than the world of blinds, as new products and styles skyrocket into the public conscious you need to pay close attention to have a grasp on what is on trend in the blinds world.

Which is why I’ve enlisted the help of, one of the largest retailers of made to measure window blinds in the UK to get their team of experts to give you the lowdown on what blind trends are worth following.

Newer Fitting Systems Are Gaining Popularity

When you think of window blinds, you probably think of something like a traditional roller blind, which needs to be drilled into place on a wall or ceiling. But as home design has evolved, so have window blind fitting systems and we now have more streamlined installation systems like ‘perfect-fit’ and ‘click-fit’ which can be installed entirely without the use of tools, regardless if venetian blinds or other styles.

These new systems fit the window blind directly onto the window frame, rather than attaching over the window. As these blinds fit right into the frame of a window, they’ve become incredibly popular for bi-fold doors and conservatories which are largely made form PVC frames. According to DotcomBlinds, these door blinds have skyrocketed in popularity and are now one of their best selling items.

bifold door blinds
BiFold Door blinds are gaining in popularity in 2022

Decorators Are Going All In On ‘All Day Blinds’

With the rise of people working from home, decorators have had to revaluate the way that they design homes to account for the differences in design between working space, sleeping space and recreational space. One major issue decorators have frequently noticed was that the window blinds can make or break how well a room can be used as both an office and a spare bedroom.

Blackout blinds work great for a guest room but don’t create an ideal environment for work, and dimout blinds work great when used in a home office, but not for a guest bedroom. Because of emergence of these dual-use rooms, decorators have begun to use a lot of ‘all day’ blinds, such as double roller blinds, as well as day and night blinds, which can work as both blackout blinds and dimout blinds, making them perfect for all day use.

dimout window blinds
Dimout Blinds allow some light in during the day rather than blocking it completely like a blackout blind

Thermal Blinds Are In High Demand

As heating bills have drastically risen over the past year or so, homeowners across the country have been prioritising their home’s thermal efficiency so that they can retain heat better come wintertime. With this increased focus on thermal-retention and insulation, it’s no surprise that thermal blinds have emerged as a popular purchase for homeowners.

Thermal blinds are an incredibly cost-effective way to improve the insulation of a property, as a good set of thermal blinds can help insulate your home’s windows. Windows are an area of the home where heat-loss can commonly occur, so insulating your home’s windows will greatly improve your home’s thermal retention.