Have you noticed a shift in the way that people dress for work? In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift towards clothing that is more comfortable and practical and this is for a few reasons. Clothing has always evolved with society with different styles attached to certain eras and this includes workwear. Originally, warmth and safe were the priority but later clothing became a means to show off wealth and figure.

What Contributed Towards the Shift to Comfort?

So, why have people started ditching the formal suit and opting for more comfortable clothing at work? One of the primary reasons is that people often lead more hectic lives these days and need to be ready for different activities.

Instead of simply going home at the end of the day, many people will now go to the gym, meet up with friends, go shopping or take the kids out – this means that they need clothing that will not restrict them and help them to feel comfortable throughout the day no matter what they are doing.

gen z at workOf course, the pandemic has also played a major role in the rise of comfortable work clothing. With people working remotely, the need to dress up for work faded and people were able to wear comfortable clothing while working from home.

It is now hard to get people to give this up and go with a more formal look, especially if people are working remotely full time or as part of a hybrid work model. The attitude towards working has changed forever and this is reflected in the change in workwear.

Interestingly, many state that Gen Z has played a major role by “killing the dress code”. This is a generation raised on the right to self-expression and individuality and many of the biggest and most famous entrepreneurs from this time opted for a more casual look. Therefore, it is no surprise that this generation are now rejecting the shirt and tie look and prioritising comfort.

This is also seen in the kind of office environments that are proving to be popular today, which are quite different to the typical individual desk spaces that have dominated for so long. Nowadays, it is common to see collaborative spaces, sofas and areas for relaxing and a less formal look and feel in the office.

young girl at work

Does Comfort Mean Dressing Worse?

Just because you are dressing comfortably does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. You can easily find comfortable clothing that is also stylish and chic, such as luxury loungewear that can be dressed up or down and allow you to retain professionalism while working. You can also find other comfy-yet-chic options like lingerie sets for those that want to feel their best whether working from home or in the office (or anywhere else).

It is interesting to see how work clothing trends change over time and are often reflective of what is happening in the world. It seems that the days of wearing a suit, shirt and tie for work are fast fading with younger generations prioritising comfort, individuality and practicality with their work clothing. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has forever changed the working world by making remote work common and changing people’s ideas about work.