Due to the pandemic, a lot of people have resorted to working from home. This often poses a problem especially when there is no quiet and dedicated space to work. So, have you thought about converting the garage into an office?

The garage is considered another room by families who have less space in their homes, often used for storage. In fact, a 2019 study from Admiral discovered only 9% of people park their car in the garage overnight. The common reason being modern cars were bigger, but it’s mostly as there is no space. 

Modern times have seen increased loft conversions, and internal storage space is at a premium. And it turns out 52% of people do not use their garage for car parking as it’s full of clutter. With most garages having the drive to use for parking, and with increased affordable home security, the garage has minimal need.

So with it estimated that a garage conversion could see a £45,000 return in property value and the need for additional space to work from home, it seems a good investment. Even after it is not needed as a home office, it can be used as a cinema room, playroom, utility room, gym, studio, or an extra bedroom. Before you know it, your home will be as impressive as some of the finest vacation rentals on the market.”

Importantly, you do not need planning permission for converting the garage into an office space, although you need to be mindful of windows overlooking neighbours.

converting the garage into an office

Here are some of the best tips on converting the garage into an office space:

Always Check the Building Quality of the Garage

Before you start converting the garage into a living space, you must consider the building quality. Some are old or shoddily built. While others have a sound structure and standardized building material, which can be transformed easily. Before converting, you need to ensure the framework is up to the job. Check for damp and leaks and smell is a good indicator.

Building quality could have a big impact on temperature. Be mindful of holes and gaps as this could lower the temperature or cause damp. You might need to apply some winter home improvement tips to make the external office hospitable in cold weather.

Being Practical for the Job

Garages are constructed on the different levels from the home structure, so you may need to lower or ceilings or floors to make it equal to the rest of the house. It should not be a hobbit hole, you don’t want to have to duck to get in. The entire garage may need to be restructured to match with the rest of your house. So, before beginning the conversion, you must decide how much work you want to put into this.

Bear in mind external builders will be colder, poorly insulated, and you may have to walk to and from the house in bad weather.

Purposeful Conversion

When you have thought that you will convert your garage into an office space, you must use doors, windows, ceiling decoration, that match the standards of the office space. The entire place must be converted according to a solid plan and strategic thinking.

working from home

Wooden Flooring

Depending on budget, underfloor heating might be the best way to heat the office. Wooden flooring is of the utmost importance in this instance and conducts the heat well. It has the advantage of looking good and increases overall look of the space (try some grooved skirting board too) and makes the place look bigger than it is. It is also durable, stable, affordable and good for chairs with wheels. It is the best option for the flooring of any external office space as it can easily be cleaned. 


If insulation is an issue, hard wooden flooring on top of concrete will be gold in the winter months. If this is the case, some hard-wearing carpets might be best to give both insulation and a surface to scoot a chair on.

Making the Office Comfortable

You will need to insulate and bring heating to make it relaxing and comfortable all year round. For this, you might need to consider plumbing, lighting, and home security for all the mod cons to make it the ideal working space. 

How much does it cost to convert the garage into an office?

This can vary, a temporary conversion could cost as little as a few hundred pounds depending on what you need to make it hospitable. If paying a professional you should get at least 3 quotes.