Every homeowner wants their place to be beautiful to live in and to impress guests. There are various ways to beautify your house, and skirting boards are among the things that no one thinks of that will add aesthetic value to your home.

There are different styles, sizes and colours for modern skirting boards meaning you can choose one that matches your taste and preference. The carving of the boards is yet another thing to have in mind when selecting a pattern that best suits your taste.

So if you are researching buying skirting boards for your home, have a quick peak at our tips.

Size of the Room

There is a misconception that the size of the skirting board is irrelevant because they are placed at the lower area of the walls. But a smaller size will look awkward and not appeal aesthetically, which is the whole point of improving your interior décor. Therefore, before buying any board, including a dado rail, ensure the size you are looking at matches the room. Taller skirting boards will only work in rooms with high ceilings.


Before anything else, your preferred material should be the first thing to have in mind. Your material choice will determine the durability and cost of the boards. Many people opt to go for cheaper MDF skirting boards. These MDF skirting boards are made of wooden materials, and their top layer is covered in a synthetic sheet.

Another option you can go with is the PVC type, which is quite expensive, compared but lasts longer. Depending on taste and budget, ensure to choose that which will give you value for your money and the aesthetic satisfaction you want.

white skirting board and wooden flooring


Before settling on any design, the colour of your ideal board and rails should be creating contrast with the walls and floor well. Usually skirting boards are white but you can go for the same colour as the walls if preferred.

Consider choosing a contrasting colour that is attractive or best combines with the theme of your walls so that your room will have a fantastic look. You can choose a different hue, either light or darker, which will give your home a more distinguished style.


When buying skirting boards and rails like the dado rail for your home, confirm their originality before buying. Ensure the store is legit, and you can establish the legitimacy of a company through reading customer reviews. A good company most likely will offer better quality products.

The above factors are essential when choosing skirting boards, rails, and other accessories to enhance your house décor. Make a point to follow these tips promptly before you buy, understand the feature, and get the right product you need.