It has been announced today by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that all UK schools, colleges, and nurseries are to close this week due to the coronavirus pandemic. While arrangements are being made for the children of key workers and vulnerable children.

This indefinite closure means exams are cancelled in England and Wales, and parents could be expected to home school their children for 12 weeks or more. There are growing concerns that schools will not reopen until September, although some schools are working on methods to deliver teaching remotely.

You may be considered a key worker if:

  • You work in the NHS
  • You work in the emergency services. i.e Ambulance, Coast Guard, Police, Fire Department or Coastguard.
  • You work in a school or as a social worker
  • You work in a critical public sector like armed forces, care provider or housing officer
  • You work in private healthcare
  • You are a non-government critical worker like supermarket staff, public transport driver or delivery driver.

If you are are having trouble explaining to children about why this is happening, there is a nice poem called the time we spring cleaned the world that might help. Also the Axel Scheffler has created a free book to download about the coronavirus and also reimagined the Gruffalo social distancing with Julia Donaldson.