Buying gifts for people is a mystery in itself. And, when you have to buy a gift for someone that’s “hard to buy for,” things become even more complicated. You are stuck in a limbo of what to get and what they would use.

You could go through the usual list of thoughtful gifts to get that special someone such as a gift card, family photos, gift set, rose gold jewellery, beauty products, customized artwork or even an alarm clock but with just a few minutes of research into the recipient and their likes and dislikes, including hobbies you could have a multitude of excellent gift ideas that will mean more to them than an ordinary present.

One great way out of such a dilemma is to get the person a buyagift voucher code. This is the next best thing that allows the individual to choose what they feel fit and buy it without any hassle. However, if you want to get something thoughtful instead, there are some new best gifts factors to consider.

This article will delve into the art of gift-giving and unveil strategies to come up with meaningful and thoughtful unique gift ideas for even the most challenging recipients.

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Get creative for that hard-to-buy friend

Finding Gift Inspiration: Thinking Outside The Box

When you have to gift someone that’s a challenging recipient, our first suggestion would be to stop and think outside the realm of traditional gifting options. Some factors you should consider before gifting someone is:

  • The recipient’s personality and preferences
  • Their interests
  • Their job role
  • Their relationship with you, etc.

Once you have the answer to these questions, it becomes easier for you to determine what kind of gifts would resonate well with their needs. Also, pay attention to the conversations you have, the kind of things they navigate towards, and if they have discussed anything they have been thinking of purchasing.

Also, if you want your gifts to be unique, browse through unique online marketplaces, local boutiques, or artisanal stores. If nothing works in your favour, you can always ask them what they need.

Asking The Right People For Suggestions

Sometimes, when you have no idea what to gift, there’s nothing wrong with asking people around you or the person you are buying the gift for.

There’s nothing wrong with being stumped for ideas. However, how you navigate through the issue is what makes all the difference. In that case, our suggestion would be to seek suggestions from people who know the recipient well. It could be their best friend, a family member, a loved one, colleagues or any mutual acquaintance that both of you know.

Even if people don’t give you a clear idea about the right gift item, you’d have a few suggestions to start with. These anecdotes could also spark your creativity and help you pick thoughtful gifts that’s perfect for the person.

Find Gifts Aligned With Hobbies

Every individual has certain hobbies that they resonate with. That’s precisely what you need to use for your strength. Instead of sitting there confused about what to buy, explore what the recipient likes to do.

You’d be surprised to know this, but their hobbies can serve as a treasure trove of great gift ideas. You can either directly gift them items that will help them progress in their hobbies, or you can gift them items that will support their hobbies.

For example, if your friend enjoys cooking as a hobby, getting a unique set of chef’s knives or a set of gourmet ingredients could pose a useful gift for them. It is all about understanding the recipient’s needs and then putting them in the foreground to finalize your gifting decision.

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Gifts for your anniversary, birthday and Christmas are hard to find


Finding the ideal gift for difficult-to-buy-for individuals doesn’t have to become a hard time. Sometimes, you must think outside the box and avoid thinking about traditional gifts that they probably won’t need. It’s all about finding unique gift items that will make the recipient think of you every time they use the gift or come across it in the passing. We hope this gives you all the insights you need to know.