When you’re looking to buy men’s swim shorts, swimming trunks, or men’s swimwear, you’ve probably got a strict set of requirements in mind. After all, they’re a go-to for any wardrobe, so getting a pair should be similarly straightforward.

However, it’s a little more complicated than it seems at first glance. You want to pick something practical, comfortable, lightweight and flattering, affordable and since swimwear also has a functional use, you cannot neglect the quality. So, what rules should you have in mind when choosing and wearing a pair of good swim trunks? 

The Right Styling

While the fashion world has recently seen an increased tendency towards oversized clothing, this trend doesn’t work well in all situations. Baggy, slouching swim shorts aren’t very flattering, and you won’t look stylish opting for them. When you’re choosing the swim shorts that fit you best, it’s important to remember that you should feel comfortable with showing a bit of skin. Therefore, the seam should stop a few inches above the knee. 

If that seems too much, remember that this was the preferred styling for a few decades until the 90s. And it wasn’t just for the beach. The court shorts basketball players wore in the 70s and 80s were shorter than some of today’s underwear. Oversized swim shorts can also create the impression that you’re shorter, which you’ll most likely want to avoid. 

The choice of men's swim shorts will usually come with drawstring waist and a mesh lining
The choice of men’s swim shorts will usually come with drawstring waist and a mesh lining

High-Quality Fabric

You’re either at the beach or the pool when you wear swim trunks. Whether you’re enjoying your free time by taking a dive or swimming is part of your workout routine, you want to be comfortable. Choosing the best men’s designer swim trunks means getting shorts made from quickly-drying fabrics that are both functional and fashionable. Tailored swim trunks, with patterns similar to those of suit trousers, can also help you feel less self-conscious, mainly if you’re not accustomed to wearing shorts frequently. 

You can choose between different lengths, including long, mid-length and short options, which are more similar to briefs. A pair of classic, luxury, tailored swimwear trunks are equipped with side fasteners, which will enable you to find a brand-new favourite garment and have a smart new holiday staple in your wardrobe. They are so versatile that, if the length permits, you can even wear them as shorts. 

Careful Getting Them Wet

Of course, it sounds counterproductive to discuss swimwear and then claim you shouldn’t be getting it wet. The primary consideration, in this case, is that wet shorts are particularly uncomfortable, as they can cause chafing. The best thing you can do is look for recycled materials that absorb moisture faster, so you don’t have to wait long until they’re dry. The other option is to bring an extra pair with you and change after you go swimming. 

You should also be careful to select lightweight materials that are an easy way to get on and remove. When worn they get wet, some fabrics can stick to the skin. Although this is generally nothing more than a mild annoyance, you don’t want to get angry at the beach while struggling to remove a pair of damp swim trunks. 

Man on a beach in blue shorts
We know the right pair of men’s swimwear is an all important part of a holiday wardrobe

Diversify Your Wardrobe

You should have more than one pair in your closet. No matter how well-made they are, the shorts must deal with a lot, including salt from the ocean or chlorine from the poolside. This can cause discolouration and lead the material to become thin and fade. You can alternate between pairs and avoid damage if you have a few pairs. 

Following simple rules when purchasing classic swim trunks will keep you out of trouble and ensure you can enjoy your time at the beach.