Why You Should Offer Loose Leaf Tea To Customers

Meta: Are you considering offering some loose-leaf tea in your café or bar? Find out why this is something that you should put in place here in this guide.

When you are running a business such as a café or a bar, you need to make sure that you are catering for your customer base. Quality should always be a priority when it comes to selecting ingredients and suppliers. With this in mind, premium products such as loose-leaf tea should be something that you consider carefully when creating your menu.

Below, we look at why we think you should offer loose leaf tea to your customers. Read on to get some inspiration.

Presenting Premium Products

If you want to impress your customers when they come in for some food or drink, you need to have a good selection of premium products on offer. Loose leaf tea is often considered premium, especially if you have a selection of options that people haven’t seen or, more to the point, tasted before. When your customers take a look at your tea menu with its diverse array of products, they will be impressed with what you have to offer. Choose premium products and you’ll thank yourself in the long-run.

You Can Buy From Independent Stores

The best place to buy tea online in the UK for your café or restaurant is from an independent store. One of the great things about choosing loose leaf tea over tea bags is that you are paying for the quality and there are tons of great retailers that offer these kinds of products. Yes, it might be more cost-effective to buy tea bags in bulk but if you go with loose leaf tea, you can benefit from shopping at an independent store.

lemon tea potMore Intense Flavours

Did you know that when you drink loose leaf tea instead of teabags, you can actually experience much more intense flavours? The taste and aromas explode on the senses. This is something that customers will appreciate when they come to your café or bar and is something well worth considering. Typically, an enhanced flavour comes with a larger price tag, and quality shines through, so you can make some extra profit here too.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Finally, you should be aware that loose leaf tea can sometimes be the eco-friendlier option when it comes to hot drinks. Teabags can come with plastic strips to keep them closed and there is typically more packaging than there needs to be. However, with loose leaf tea, you can cut down on this packaging and offer your customers an environmentally friendly option. Another strong selling point in our eco-conscious times. Just make sure that the company you buy these from doesn’t have a huge carbon footprint as a by-product of its supply chain.

Try Loose Leaf Tea

If you are planning on picking out some new products for your café or restaurant then you should make sure to consider placing a diverse loose-leaf tea selection on your menu. You can find tons of great retailers online that specialise in these kinds of products in the UK. Just make sure that you find a company that is reputable and is using the best quality ingredients. This will help you to massively upgrade your drinks menu over the course of 2021 and beyond.