The wellbeing of your event staff is crucial. Their role in maintaining the safety and security at an event will ensure that it’s a success. Naturally then, your staff need suitable workwear. Workwear is key for many reasons: it looks professional, stands out from the crowd, helps visitors identify where to get help and it ensures the safety of your staff. Here are some popular items of workwear to keep your staff visible and raise brand awareness.

High visibility clothing

High visibility clothes are a staple of event workwear – especially outside. They can mark your event staff out from the crowd, and they come in all sorts of different styles and weights to adapt to different weather conditions. The fluorescent material – usually complete with reflective tape – makes the workwear difficult to miss! A high-vis vest is a common sight across events in the UK and is a must-have for your staff.

Ear protection

Many events, such as concerts, feature extremely loud background noise that can potentially damage hearing. Specialist protection is necessary to prevent damage to the ears. What’s more, this protection can often be combined with earpieces for clear communication with other staff members.

Communication equipment

If you can’t combine ear protection with earpieces for communication, there are still alternatives. Devices such as a two-way radio are often worn to enable rapid communication between your staff. These devices are used to report incidents, call for help and generally organise and maintain safety on the day.

Security passes

You don’t want visitors getting lost in restricted areas, and lanyards with security detail are an ideal way to give staff access during an event. Clearly marked identification also provides the public with peace of mind. The security pass will make it clear that they’re speaking to a knowledgeable professional who can help sort out any issues they’re having.

Uniforms with branding

Uniforms with the company logo unify teams and help to foster a culture of teamwork. And at the same time, they give your staff a professional look. It’s important to combine sleek branding with comfort though. Staff are on their feet – often carrying out physical tasks – for long periods of time. As such, it’s crucial that they have suitable, easy clothing throughout the day.


Alongside suitable clothing, event staff need the right footwear to work effectively. Safety and comfort are a must: boots need to protect from hazards such as wet surfaces and sharp objects – all while supporting their feet.

Overall, the correct even workwear is key. It’ll give your staff a professional, reassuring look – but it’ll also lead to a happy group of staff, ready to assist visitors.