If you’ve watched any TV shows or movies over the last decade, then a private detective is something that belongs there, or back in the 1930s! That’s why so many modern films are based on 1930s detectives, as they were iconic. Well, private investigators still apply their trade in the modern day, if you didn’t know.

People often use them for various legal and personal reasons, depending on what they need. For example, an individual may be concerned that someone is stealing from work but has no proof. That’s where a private investigator comes in. Likewise, you may be suspicious that your ex is living with a new partner, directly affecting your finances via spousal support.

Essentially, there are several factors such as debt recovery, and tracing people, to why people choose to hire a private investigator. Hiring a fully trained private investigator can be an excellent option to help you gather due diligence, information and gain clarity. In this article, we’ll explore five reasons why you should consider employing a private investigator.

A man pointing a camera out of a car window
You never know when you might need a private investigation or some evidence gathering

Catch A Cheating Partner

Let’s start with the first reason that likely popped into your head, infidelity! If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, it can be highly emotional and challenging. The uncertainty and lack of trust can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to know where to turn.

That’s where a trustworthy firm of private investigators comes in. They can discreetly gather evidence and provide you with the information you need to confront your partner or make informed decisions about your relationship.

A private investigator can conduct surveillance, gather digital evidence, and even use GPS tracking devices to monitor your partner’s movements or find missing people. They can also perform background checks on any individuals you may be suspicious of, providing you with irrefutable evidence.

The question is, how do you actually find a private investigator? Well, these days, they can be found easily online. Sentry Private Investigators are highly experienced in this type of work across the Midlands. If you’re after a private investigator in Birmingham, then this could be the solution for you to find the answers you seek.

Various Business Reasons

Business owners often face a range of challenges, from employee theft to corporate espionage. A private detective can help in a variety of ways, from conducting background checks on potential employees to uncovering fraudulent activities. They could also help investigate potentially false injury claims to help protect the interests of the business.

Private investigators can perform due diligence that will also help businesses monitor their employees, ensuring they’re not engaging in any illegal activities or leaking confidential information. Additionally, private investigator services can help businesses gather evidence of wrongdoing, allowing them to take legal action against individuals or companies that have caused them harm.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding business matters. Remember, if you are a business owner, you will likely be able to think about more specific business applications for which you could use a private investigator.

Find Out Who Is Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping is a growing problem in many communities, and catching the culprits in the act can be challenging. Fly-tipping not only damages the environment but can also pose health and safety risks. If you’re concerned about fly-tipping in your area, a private investigator can help you catch those responsible.

Private investigators can install evidence gathering covert cameras and conduct surveillance with video evidence to catch fly-tippers in the act. They can also conduct background checks on suspected individuals, providing you with the information you need to take legal action against them.

General Background Checks

That takes us nicely onto the next section! Background checks are an essential tool for employers, landlords, and individuals. They can provide valuable information on a person’s criminal record, employment history, credit history, etc. If you’re considering hiring someone for a job or renting a property, conducting a background check is vital to ensure they’re trustworthy and reliable.

A private investigator can conduct a thorough background check on any individual, providing you with detailed information on their criminal record, employment history, and other relevant details. This can help you make informed decisions about who to hire or rent to, reducing the risk of potential issues down the line.

Someone staring through a keyhole
As the song goes…private eyes are watching you!!!

Counter Surveillance

Counter-surveillance is the process of detecting and preventing surveillance by others. This can be important for individuals and businesses who may be at risk of being monitored by others. Private investigators can help you identify potential threats and provide you with the tools and information you need to protect yourself.

Private investigators can conduct sweeps of your home or business to detect any surveillance devices that may be present. They can also provide you with training on detecting and preventing surveillance, reducing the risk of being monitored by others.