Everyone’s heard of making money from home using side hustles, but I bet you’ve never considered making extra cash using your home. Your space could be useful to others, so if you’re not using it yourself, you could try your hand at earning from it!

This option works great for homeowners or tenants who have laid-back landlords. If you rent your home, make sure you check that you’re allowed to conduct a side hustle from your property. With the correct permission and a little ingenuity, you could earn yourself some extra income.

With modern technology and the range of apps available, it’s now quick and easy to start making extra money using your home. Keep reading for some simple ideas on supplementing your income using your home.

Rent It Out On Airbnb

Whether you’ve got a spare room or are going away for a few weeks and don’t want your house to be empty, renting out your home on Airbnb can be an ideal way to make some extra money. While you might worry about the people who stay in your home, with the help of a full Airbnb management company like GuestReady, you can enjoy guest vetting and total management of your account. With their comprehensive range of Airbnb management services, you can save time and effort when renting out your home through the popular platform.

Hire Out Your Storage Space

An empty driveway waiting to be rented
One of the obvious ways to earn from your home is to use your driveway or garage

If you have an unused storage space, such as a garage or large garden shed, which you no longer use, you can rent this out to others. Using social media or talking to your friends and family, you can find people who need additional storage space and rent out your space.

Their spare items won’t require much care, so you can sit back and enjoy watching the money come in. Make sure that you check the value of the items, as this might affect your home insurance costs if they are very high in price.

Share Your Parking Space With Other Drivers

Anyone who lives in a big city or near a transport hub like a railway station or a popular attraction you’ll know how hard it can be to find a parking space. Thankfully, today’s drivers have access to a plethora of apps to rent out a private parking space. If you’re a homeowner, you can rent out your unused parking space to others who need it so that you can make the most of your house or apartment and earn some extra cash.

Much like your unneeded storage space, you can earn extra cash by renting out your car parking space without having to do anything. This option is especially useful for those who don’t have a vehicle and, therefore, never use their driveways. If you do have a car, you’ll need to ensure that you only rent out your parking space when you’re away or have somewhere else to store your vehicle.

Become A Home Design Influencer

It’s not all about renting out your home: you can also start earning money by sharing your expertise in designing it and transforming it into your dream space. If you’re proud of your home’s design and the DIY projects you’ve completed, you could consider sharing them online and showcasing your talents with others.

As your blog and social media presence grow, you’ll be able to work with advertisers and brands to promote their products, and you can earn extra cash as a result. This option isn’t one of the more obvious ways, or as simple as many others listed here: it requires much harder work and creativity, but it can be a worthwhile experience if you love sharing your ideas and talking about interior decorating.

Turn Your Home Into A Movie Set

A home movie set
Don’t forget if you earn extra income it has to go on your tax return

Design lovers and those who live in unique homes could also make the most of their properties by renting them out as movie sets. In some cases, these shoots don’t take long, and you might not even need to move out. If you do, you’ll probably be able to profit even when considering the cost of alternative accommodation. The compensation for filming in your home is often substantial, especially if the production is a major one.

Film and TV show set coordinators have varied needs depending on the shoot and plot, so you might be able to rent out your home as a film location for several shoots every year. Also, seeing your home on the silver screen will be thrilling!

House Other People’s Pets

Animal lovers who want to earn extra money can take in other people’s pets while on holiday. Many pet parents want their pets to be taken care of in someone else’s home rather than in a cattery or dog kennel. So, you could make a lot of money and have fun playing with other people’s furry friends if you decide to be a pet sitter.

Many companies will do all the admin for you, then show up with your temporary four-legged companion and their things for their stay. Having a pet in your home is fun, so it won’t feel much like work, but it will be a great way to earn some more money. If you don’t want to go through a company, you can offer your services on social media or even through a website, but you may have to set up a small business and pay tax.

This will require additional admin and might mean you need to pay for insurance and other costs. Consider using an established pet-sitting business to save yourself time and make extra cash just by hanging out with cute pets! You can specify the kind of pets you want to take in, so you’re always confident that you can give them the love and support they need during their time with you.  

Making extra income using the space you already have is an easy way to earn a passive income. With so many options available, you can find one that suits your property and personal needs. With a little exploration, you can earn some extra cash to spend on your hobbies or use to enhance your home.