It is common to feel tired and frustrated with your home when it does not appear how you want it to or have the features you want most. The cost of moving to your perfect forever home is often out of reach for many people, but you can invest time and money into increasing the house value which can help.

Of course, the next best thing to do, is make changes to it that can help you fall back in love with your home or make it more comfortable for your needs.

Either way, you can select one or two of the home improvement ideas listed below and transform your house into a loving family home. Whether you choose one home improvement idea or do them all, the ideas below can help ensure your home is practical, comfortable, and perfect for you and your family.

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The definition of kerb appeal is the attractiveness and overall appearance of a property as viewed from the street

Update Your Windows & Doors

Updating your windows and doors is an excellent update you can do for your home that can also help make it more energy efficient. 18% of heat loss occurs through windows alone, so changing out single glazed for double glazing repays the investment plus makes it more attractive for any potential buyer.

It can be extremely beneficial in older, less efficient homes and help your windows pop from the street and boost your home’s curb appeal. There are various materials you can consider using for the frames of the doors and windows, such as:

  • Aluminium Frames
  • Wooden Frames
  • uPVC Frames
  • Vinyl Frames
  • Composite Frames

The two most energy-efficient options are aluminium and wood, and depending on the materials you use, composite frames can also be highly efficient. However, these are the most expensive options, and if you want something that looks fantastic, is highly efficient, and is low-maintenance, aluminium frames are the best choice.

new kitchen redesign
A new Kitchen is estimated to increase house value by 10%

Update Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen to a sleek and modern open-plan kitchen diner is another excellent way to boost your home’s house value, plus improve your living experience. You must ensure you maximise your use of the available space and include as many features as possible that you want or can afford in your dream kitchen.

You can have installed appliances such as the fridge, freezer, washing machine, and dishwasher, which help to make it look streamlined and functional. You can include an island with a gas hob or sink, and you can also consider installing bifold doors that open your kitchen up to your garden, increasing useable living space during summer.

Kitchen remodelling is a key thing for not just your own satisfaction living there, but it’s a huge decision maker for any house hunter.  Ensure it has enough countertop space, good storage options like shelving and kitchen cabinets, and modern appliances.

Even if you don’t have the budget, simply repainting the cabinet doors or adding a new tile backsplash can brighten the appearance.

loft extension in uk home
A loft extension can increase the house value by 23%

Add An Extension

As a homeowner, a large scale home renovation is probably not on your to-do list. But if you have the space and funds available, extending your home can significantly increase its value and give you much needed extra space. You will need to get planning permission before starting any work, and it is also worth consulting with an architect to ensure you make the most of the plans and you are structurally sound.

You can extend your living room or kitchen, add a toilet or utility room, and if you can afford a two-storey extension, you can add an extra bedroom in the attic. You must find a reputable and reliable builder to do the work for you and ensure they complete it to the highest standard.

Adding an extension can give you lots more space in your home and help ensure you and your family can live in your home comfortably. It might even negate the need to move home at all, saving a fortune in stamp duty and stress. Yes, as home improvement projects go, it’s the biggest and most expensive, but increases the value of your home.

laminate flooring
Adding laminate flooring is more pet friendly

Install Laminate Flooring

Adding laminate flooring to your home is an excellent way to boost its appeal and attract potential buyers, especially if your old carpet is stained and looks tired. It is also a practical addition to your home that can give you hardwood floors that look like natural materials, such as wood or stone, that are hard-wearing and look fantastic when installed.

Laminate flooring is available in various designs and colours from Karndean and other reputable brands, and you can find an LVT (luxury vinyl tile) option to suit all tastes and budgets. Searching for Karndean flooring near me will show you how many companies can supply and install quality laminate flooring in your home and make the floors dazzle.

It’s also an easy enough DIY project, and a new floor can be done with minimal cost and time to refresh every living space.

garden makeover to increase home value
A garden makeover can increase a home value by 20%

Give Your Back Garden A Makeover

Giving your rear garden a landscape facelift and creating a space or areas you and your family can use is an excellent home improvement idea. You can create useable living space outside your home to relax or entertain and help encourage your family to spend more time outdoors together. Plus it will greatly appeal to any potential buyer.

You can create a decking area or patio with comfortable weatherproof furniture like chairs, sofas, and tables. Add flowers and plants to your garden so it looks nice, and you can also include a wood burner so you can use it outdoors when it gets colder. You can make your garden as high or low maintenance as you prefer and create a fantastic, welcoming, relaxing space perfect for you and the family.

security camera outside house
Security cameras are affordable and can give you real time alerts

Increase Your Home Security

If renovating seems like too much hassle, this simple idea isn’t. A secure home can give you (or any potential buyer) peace of mind that you and your family and possessions are safe. It’s not just a visual deterrent, it can also alert you in real time of any issue.

Most thieves are opportunists, and there are small things you can do that can help deter them from trying to target your home.

Ensure all your windows have locks you lock when not in use and plenty of lighting outside your property, including security lights. Installing a house alarm and security monitoring system is another excellent way to safeguard your property and family, and the cost of these systems has reduced considerably over the last few years.

You can monitor your home even when you are away, using your computer or Smartphone, or to see who is knocking at your door.

redecorating paint colour tester pots
Redecorating can transform your home

Redecorate Your Home

If you need a change in your home and cannot afford any of the above options, an affordable home improvement you can do is to redecorate your home’s interior. Giving your property a fresh coat of paint is both cheap and easy.

You can do the job in the evenings and at weekends without needing a professional, so all you must pay for is the paint and brushes and the time it will take.

Adding a splash of colour to the walls of your home can help transform it and make it look like new. However, if you are trying to sell your home, you want to be careful with adding too much colour and give prospective buyers the sense of a blank canvas that they can customise to their preferences.

These are a few home improvement ideas options you can consider when you want to invest in your home. Either to make it more comfortable or boost its kerb appeal when selling, but there are plenty of other options you can consider. depending on the current condition of the house. You might be able to entice offers by upgrading your bathroom with a new vanity sink, fixtures, or adding a walk-in shower or bath.

Plus, everyone loves storage space so think about creating a functional and organized closet space with built-in shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. Whatever your budget, there are always options for homeowners.