Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or you’re wanting to change things up from your old home, there will be a number of things you can change. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the living room, as there will be a number of unique features you can change in this room to make it feel more modern. Continue reading to get started.

Plants And Artwork

There has been a trend in recent years to add more plants and general greenery to people’s homes, mostly from those who didn’t have their own garden. However, this has evolved further into a trend that everyone wants to get in on.

You don’t need to force it and go big. Even a small desk plant can go a long way in making your home appear more modern. You can go a step further with this and modernise your plant pots and display tables, so that it all fits into your unique aesthetic. In many ways, adding plants to your home is like the modern way of adding artwork to a home, but in a more sustainable and affordable way.

There is likely to be some local plant shops near you to browse, but you could actually grow your own plants for the purposes of display. If you’re worried about forgetting to water the plant, then you could look to buy fake flowers or dried flowers, that will be easier to maintain.

living room with plants


The Furniture

One of the main features of your living room will be the furniture. This will include and tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, and more. If you’ve had any of this furniture for a fairly long period of time, then it could have become more worn and slightly ruined. That doesn’t mean it could be time to throw it away, it could just need a bit of extra care and attention to fix it up.

Otherwise, you could look to vintage shops to find some unique furniture additions. A popular example is a refurbished grandfather clock, or something along these lines, which can help completely transform the feel of a room.

Alternatively, If you want to completely modernise your furniture, you could look to purchase modern sofas that suit the style of your room. Leather corner sofas, for example, can help provide modern seating whilst making the best use of available space. Corner sofas can also save space in the middle of your room, allowing you make the most of an open-plan room, or add more furniture.

To find a leather sofa that suits your style, you should take a look at Denelli Italia, who offer an inspired selection on modern leather sofas and contemporary corner sofas. This essentially means that there will be something available here that will suit your style, giving you more control over what you want to purchase.
living room with lighting

The Lighting Fixtures

The lights in our homes are easy to ignore. If they work, you might not even notice that they are outdated and dimmer than what they could be. This will include the bulbs themselves, as well as the physical light fittings. Of course, the light bulbs will be relatively easy to sort, you will just need to ensure the bulb you buy can be fitted into the fixture.

Changing the fixture could be slightly more complicated and require the help of an electrician in some cases. It may be that you just want to change a lamp, but changing permanent wired fixtures could mean further work.

The end result of changing up your light fixtures should be to improve them. A modern solution is to install LED bulbs that can use less energy and shine brighter. If you want to go super modern, then you could look to install smart lighting. Smart lighting is lighting that you can control with your phone or a device in general. In some cases, you may even be able to control the lights with your voice.

Smart lights could allow you to change the colour of the light upon command, as well as the general intensity and dimness. These are proving to be a more popular in the modern world, as they are becoming slowly more affordable for the general public. It could be worth you trying them out to find out if they suit your wants and needs. If you end up not liking them, you could always look to return them or gift them to someone else.

If you want to go full-on renovation, the interior design in-trend currently is having a modern electric fire in the living room.

modern living room with electric fire
A luxury living room with modern electric fire

The Colour Scheme

Sometimes, one of the most effective ways to modernise your home comes from simply changing up the colour scheme. Your colours could be quite dark right now, and you may find that adding some lighter tones could do wonders for transforming the look and feel for a room.

Strangely, it could be a similar situation the other way around. You may currently have too much light colours used within your home, and could find that adding some darker tones can shift the mood to feel more modern.

The reason it can be both is because everyone has a unique home. This means that every situation is unique, with you needing to assess how your room is to find out what could work for you. Of course, everyone will also have unique taste, so that will also be a factor.

If you’re unsure on where to start, then it could be time to get in contact with a home renovation expert. These experts could visit your home and come up with some concepts for you to dig in to and inspire you. Some experts could be hired to completely undertake the task, going further than inspiration.

Windows And Curtains

Many windows in British homes may have remained exactly as they were first constructed. This means they could be heavily outdated. Not only will this mean that they aren’t insulted with double glazing, it could meant that the style is dated.

People often think that they can’t change anything about their windows, whereas in fact they will have more options than they think. It can be easily sorted within a day, you just need experts to take out measurements so that they can custom fit in a new window.

It won’t just be the glass that requires some attention. The actual frame of the window could also do with some work. Window frames can be altered to open up the space slightly more, or even close down a gap. Some people even turn their windows into a sitting feature, allowing you sit in the window and look outside.

It won’t just be the physical windows that you can alter, you will also be able to add additions such as blinds or curtains to freshen them up. Installing blinds or changing up the curtains can help make a home feel modern, as some curtain designs could be incredibly old fashioned.

Coffee Table

Whilst most people would agree that a coffee table makes a great addition to a home, you may not be aware that you’re under utilising it. Instead of simply being used to help you place your drink somewhere when watching TV, you should look to make it more of a feature piece of your home.

One of the main ways you can do this is by creating a coffee table display. You could get some plants or flowers and decorate the table with some personal pieces. This will help stamp your identity onto a main feature in your home, and give you the result you want.