After a year of lockdown at home, many of us are craving some new surroundings and a small renovation project. It’s time to spruce up and improve your home and have a fresh start – far away from lockdown and pandemic life. When you’re scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram inspiration, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in ideas.

Here are some simple ways to improve your home for every budget.

Maximise unused corners with floating shelves

Most homes have at least one corner that goes on unused because you don’t know what to do with it. It’s either too small for furniture or too awkward for storage. Floating shelves come in very useful for awkward spaces, and they look amazing,

Embrace your DIY skills and make your own shelves by hand. You can find fantastic inspiration from local stores, like B&M, Dunelm and supermarkets. Floating shelves offer more storage without taking up vital floor space as well. Make your awkward unused corner into a statement one.

Paint your cabinets

An entire kitchen renovation is costly. If your kitchen is in good condition, you can always give it a fresh lick of paint and modern touch instead. Just make sure to prepare the cabinet and wall surfaces properly by cleaning and treating them. It’s worth the extra time to make your DIY paint job look professional.

If you’re bored with your furniture, you can re-upholster your chairs and couch as well. There are so many temporary creative options on the market that are perfect for renters. You could even use stick-on adhesive splashback tiles to revamp your kitchen.

Change your carpets

Old carpets can look dull, lifeless and dirty. Remove any coloured and patterned carpets that make your home feel dated. Refresh your carpets and install underfloor heating to make your home cosy and modern, especially for those colder months. You may as well refurbish the entire floor while you’re ripping things up!

Smart house

Invest in smart features like smart bulbs, camera-enabled doorbells and Alexa triggered heating. Smart bulbs can help to create an ambient atmosphere in your home and save you money in the long run. Opt for yellow-toned LED bulbs to eliminate any harsh light and maximise your home’s potential.

improve your home with plants
improve your home with plants

Add some green!

Plants can modernise a dated space and improve the airflow inside your property. You can always start with durable plants or even faux ones and then graduate to flowers and herbs. Invest in stylish pots to make the plants a decorative feature and install a window box if you’re tight on floor space.

Whether you’re on a budget or splashing out, there are renovation options for everyone. Take time to consider what you want to do with your home and the atmosphere you want to create.